Pokemon Legends Arceus: Bothersome Bidoof Locations

Bothersome Bidoof is one of the early side quests available in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it's arguably the first of the game's various optional side missions that presents a little puzzle. If you want to skip right to the solution, however, we've got the Bothersome Bidoof Locations for you right here, to make it nice and easy.

To start the Bothersome Bidoof quest, you'll pick it up from the notice board in Galaxy HQ and then have to speak to Tsumugi, a security corps member who's having trouble with three escaped Bidoof. You have to track them down across Jubilife Village before they get up to too much mischief. Simple enough! This is just quest 8 of nearly 100 - all of which are detailed in our full Pokemon Legends Arceus requests guide

Bothersome Bidoof Locations for Pokemon Legends Arceus

Even if you're brand new to Pokemon, by the time this quest pops you'll be aware of Bidoof. Not only will you have to have caught a Bidoof for this quest to reveal itself to you, but it's also one of the first Pokemon encountered in the wild as part of the tutorial sections of Pokemon Legends Arceus. It's the little beaver-like Pokemon with the buck teeth and fluffy chin and butt. It's easily recognizable - but it is small, and its brown coloring blends into the fences and buildings of Jubilife Village somewhat.

There's three Bidoof to find in the quest, all of which are marked visually on the Bothersome Bidoof Locations map embedded above. If the map isn't good enough, however, here's where to find the trio for the avoidance of any doubt:

  1. Bidoof #1 can be found at the far south-eastern corner of the village, the bottom-right of the map. Where the pasture meets a large rocky outcropping, and that rock then gives way to the southern fence that leads to the beach where the game started. While we're passing the pastures, it's worth reminding you that you can use it to Mass Release Pokemon, which has great rewards. Release Pokemon you don't need!
  2. Bidoof #2 is found on the furthest south-western building on the southern side of the village. This is a farmer's building, and is right across the dirt road from the pastures, appropriately. It's hiding next to a cart. 
  3. Bidoof #3 is found just to the right of the Galaxy Hall building, nestled right up against the edge of the line of buildings that includes your house and the Photo shop - directly opposite the Jubilife Village hairdresser.

For finding all three Bidoof you'll get a completed quest marked in your log, and a Rare Candy as your reward. You can use Rare Candy ti increase any Pokemon's level by one, which is ideal for working towards certain Pokemon evolutions.