Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Answer: How to solve the eyes riddle

Throughout its main adventure, Pokemon Legends Arceus features a small selection of puzzles throughout the game. One requires you to know your Pokemon - Uxie's Puzzle, which asks you How many are their eyes about a few key Pokemon. This sounds easy in theory - except you're asked in a slightly strange format and have to input an answer that matches that method of questioning.

This quest doesn't pop up until what is technically the post-game, when you're tasked with visiting the three great lakes across Hisui to meet three Legendary Pokemon to aid in your journey. As part of this Uxie asks you a question, which lines up with its reputation as the 'bringer of knowledge'. On this page we've got the Uxie Answer, and we explain how to reach that conclusion naturally, too.

The Answer to Uxie's Question - How many are their eyes?


A strange little one-off puzzle that's unique in Pokemon Legends Arceus, the question Uxie asks is phrased in a particularly interesting way that offers a clue as to the answer - but also in a way that might throw some players off. The question asks:

"Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops. How many are their eyes? Tell me each, one by one yet all at once."

The logic here is as simple as it seems - which is leading some to perhaps over-think matters. You have to tell her the answer for how many eyes each of those Pokemon has - sequentially, all in one long answer. So, logically:

  • Combee has SIX eyes; the honeycomb-shaped Pokemon has multiple eyes in each of its three honeycombs.
  • Zubat has ZERO eyes; it is, of course, a bat. In fact, one of the Pokemon Legends Arceus side quests is built entirely around showing a villager how Zubat navigates despite having no eyes.
  • Unown has ONE eye. It doesn't matter which version of this ancient and mysterious Pokemon you're talking about, they all only have a single eye.
  • Magneton has THREE eyes, as a bit like Combee it is made up of what looks like multiple smaller Pokemon, in this case Magnemite. Each Magnemite has one eye, and there's three making up a Magneton - so it's three.
  • Dusclops has ONE eye, and it's a prominent, huge one, which gives this ghost-type Pokemon an unsettling appearance.

The Answer for Uxie

Based on the above logic and reasoning, the answer to Uxie's Question is 60131.

Submit this to Uxie to complete its challenge and move on with the Legends Arceus story. You can later return to the lakes to catch Uxie and its two siblings.

Another Mythical Pokemon you can catch via puzzles is Manaphy, who looks a little like Uxie & co. To do that you'll need to complete a specific quest - so why not hit up our guide to The Sea's Legend, the Manaphy side-quest? Alternatively, head to our Pokemon Legends Arceus guides list for many more helpful walkthroughs across the whole game.