Elden Ring The Four Belfries: Imbued Sword Key Locations & where each waygate goes

Elden Ring has many mysterious locations, but one of the most unique is The Four Belfries, a special location that can be used as a jumping-off point to reach some late-game areas... but to do so, you'll need a uniqye key item - the Imbued Sword Key. There's only a handful of these in the game, in fact - one for each of the towers that makes up The Four Belfries.

Where Stonesword keys are used to unlock Imp doors and remove the fog from them to unlock new areas, the Imbued Sword Keys are used only at The Four Belfries. Each key can be used in this Western Liurnia location to unlock a waygate teleporter at each of the four towers - and each toer sends you to a different far-flung location across The Lands Between. These destinations give you an early look deeper into the world, and also unlock otherwise inaccessible locations within those later areas.

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If you need more help with opening some of Elden Ring's doors and discovering some of its areas, check out our pages on the Erudition puzzle and the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

The Four Belfries: where to find the waygates

The location of The Four Belfries in Elden Ring's Liurnia.

The Four Belfries is found in Western Liurnia, on the raised ledge of land that flanks the left-hand side of the area, raised up above the watery lowlands that make up the main of this zone. You can see its location in full in the image above.

It's slightly north-west of the Legacy Dungeon of Raya Lucaria Academy, and due west from the East Gate Bridge Trestle Site of Grace that sits underneath the bridge exiting the Academy to the North-East.

Alternatively, head north from Liurnia's Minor Erdtree in the south-west of that area; past the Revenger's Shack and Cuckoo's Evergaol. Down in the water, if you find Sorcerer's Isle and Tetsu's Rise, go west from here to get up onto the dry western edge of Liurnia and then immediately head south.

You'll know you've reached the right place when you start to get a concentration of spirit enemies, including some ghostly trolls. They're guarding the Belfries; defeat or run past them, up and up, to reach The Four Belfries. You'll find a site of grace near the uppermost of the four towers - as well as your first key. For the other towers, you'll need to find the keys yourself...

Where to get an Imbued Sword Key in Elden Ring

The Imbued Sword Key item in Elden Ring.

Once you're at The Four Belfries, there’s three towers with teleport gates, and three keys. It’s as simple as that! So, unlike Stonesword keys, you don’t actually have much choice here. Furthermore, you can obtain all three Imbued Sword Keys from relatively early on - you only need access to Caelid and Liurnia of the Lakes, both of which can be visited from the moment you get access to Torrent and even before you beat Margit the Fell, if you’re so inclined.

Here’s the locations of all three of the Imbued Stone Key items in Elden Ring:

The First Imbued Sword Key

At The Four Belfries on the hills to the west of Liurnia of the Lakes, there’s a chest at the uppermost, fourth Belfry – and it contains an Imbued Stone Key. That means the first time you visit this location you can instantly use one of the teleport gates. We give some advice on which to choose below.

Given that this one is at the same site the keys are used, this one is basically a gimme.

The Imbued Sword Key of Raya Lucaria Academy

The next Imbued Stone Key item is found on the rooftops of the Raya Lucaria Academy, the legacy dungeon that dominates the area Liurnia of the Lakes. This is home to Rennala, one of the lords that you need to defeat in order to take their Great Rune and Remembrance. She's also handy as she unlocks character respec options. If you’re early in the game, however, you don’t need to complete the dungeon - just make it halfway.

From the Academy Dungeon’s Debate Parlor Site of Grace, you need to head out into a courtyard, up a slope of dirt and rubble, and onto a balcony-like area where you can jump down to some stairs, then follow that around to jump onto the rooftops. These rooftops are full of items and loot, and among the items up here is one of the keys.

For more help reaching the rooftops, check out our guide on the Erudition Converted Tower side quest - an item required for that quest is also up here, and so that guide has detailed instructions on how to get onto the rooftops, at which point exploration will eventually deliver you to the Imbued Sword Key item, which is laying on a corpse.

There's also a second Glintstone Key for Sorcerer Thops up here, too. Multiple side quests handled with one visit!

The Imbued Sword Key of Sellia, Town of Sorcery

One Imbued Sword Key is hidden in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, in Caelid.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery is found in the reddened region of Caelid, on the top-right edge of the huge blood-red lake found in the middle of the area. This magical town is tied to a side quest - but you can complete its mission any time.

Its mission is quite simple, and it carries an Imbued Sword Key as a reward. To unravel the riddle of the town, simply explore the town. You’ll notice some doors are sealed by magic; you can dispel these seals by lighting torches that are atop the various towers across town.

Traveling back and forth across the town can be treacherous due to enemies that fade in and out of existence and teleport around. But move carefully, clambering ladders and jumping across rooftops. Each of the three torches lit dispels a barrier which gives you access to some neat loot - and along the way, you’ll get an Imbued Sword Key for your efforts.

The quest in this town continues, and allows you to go up a hill towards new Sites of Grace and a challenging boss, plus a dungeon required to complete the Sellen questline - but we’ll leave that to you. We’ve described how to get the key we came for. 

Using the Imbued Sword Key to unlock the Teleporters at The Four Belfries

The location of The Four Belfries, to the west of Liurnia of the Lakes. Teleport with your Imbued Sword Keys from here.

Once you have access to an Imbued Sword Key, you can turn it in at The Four Belfries, the location marked on the map above. This is a minor location on the West of the Liurnia of the Lakes region. It’s guarded by some ghostly giants who you can ride right past, and as you clamber up the hill you’ll find a Site of Grace not far from the towers.

As previously mentioned and as the name suggests, this area has four towers. You can’t go inside them, but three of the towers have a teleporter out front alongside an Imp Statue that looks like a Blue version of the Stonesword Key Imp Statues - which is not a coincidence, as the Imbued Sword Key looks like a blue Stonesword Key! 

It’s simple, really: use one Imbued Sword Key at each of these three towers, and it’ll unlock the teleporter of that tower. You can then interact with that teleporter in order to be transported to a new location. 

Use the Imbued Sword Key on the Blue Imp statues to unlock use of these teleporters.

These teleporters take you to locations that are often difficult and challenging, but also to areas of them that often otherwise can’t be reached. Each tower also has a message outside it giving a clue of where it leads:

  • First Belfry - Crumbling Lands: Teleports you to an otherwise unreachable area of a late game area, Crumbling Farum Azula. There’s a couple of tough enemies and some loot to be had.
  • Second Belfry - Precipice of Anticipation: Teleports you back to the Chapel of Anticipation, the area where you died at the very start of the game. You can have a rematch with the grafted creature that likely killed you, and make your way to where you started to find some loot including a Spirit Ashes summon.
  • Third Belfry - Night Sky Unceasing: Teleports you to Nokron, Eternal City, another late-game area. It specifically drops you to an area visible but not accessible from the Siofra River zone. There’s some loot here, plus one difficult Crucible Knight enemy to battle if you so choose.

Generally speaking, we would advise you tackle the Precipice of Anticipation first, as it features an enemy found in the Stormveil Castle dungeon - if you've beaten Margit the Fell Omen and advanced through that dungeon, you'll be able to survive that - and the rewards are strong. Do the Night Sky Unceasing one second - save Crumbling Lands for last. At least, that's our suggestion. The choice, obviously, is yours.