Elden Ring Chelona’s Rise Puzzle Solution: Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts

Deep into Elden Ring, you’ll find Chelona’s Rise, yet another of the magician-populated towers that is sealed shut with a magical door that can only be opened by solving a puzzle. You’re given one simple clue: “Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts”.

If you think this puzzle sounds familiar, it’s because it is - elsewhere in The Lands Between, another of Elden Ring’s towers, Odidys’s Rise, asks you to seek three wise beasts. However, Chelona’s Rise is later in the game, and slightly more nefarious than in its earlier cousin. Here’s how to solve the puzzle.

How to solve the Chelona’s Rise Puzzle: 3 Great Wise Beasts Locations

Beware of this turtle, which hides from you by flying high in the sky. A great wise beast, indeed.

The Chelona’s Rise puzzle is a slightly more complicated re-run of a tower puzzle found in an earlier area of Elden Ring. In fact, the area where you find Chelona’s Rise is an upper plateau found in south-eastern Liurnia that is only available after you complete a significant chunk of the Ranni quest line, which in turn leads to one of the potential Elden Ring endings.

The tower is found south of the Ringleader’s Evergaol that unlocks one of the Legendary Ashen remains, and not too far from the Cathedral of Manus Celes and Lunar Estate Ruins; it’s south-west of both of those.

When you first approach the tower, you’ll find its door sealed shut with Blue Magic similar to the doors in the Erudition Gesture puzzles - and an imp statue outside that tells you to Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts.

Previously, when you were asked to find 3 Wise Beasts, it referred to turtles. The same is true here, but they’re ‘Great’ - which means they’re huge. Additionally, the three turtles you need to find are spread across the small Plateau where Chelona’s Rise is based rather than strictly around the tower.

You need to find and attack the three Great Wise Beasts to unlock the door and remove the seal.

Where to find 3 Great Wise Beasts to unlock Chelona's Tower

A map showing the locations of the three Great Wise Beasts to unlock Chelona's Rise.

Let’s start out with the above: a map of where to find all three of the turtles, aka the 3 Great Wise Beasts, in the area around the tower. Study it well! It’s important to note that you shouldn’t fast travel or rest during this quest - it can reset turtle progress. Get them all in one go!

With that said, there’s still some element of cheekiness with where these Turtles are hidden, so let us go into a little more detail about the location of each:

  1. Turtle #1: Found just west of Chelona’s Rise itself. From the door, head around the right-hand side of the tower. If you’re playing online, you’ll likely see a lot of bloodstains around here… these belong to other turtle-hunters. Beware - the turtle is hanging onto the cliff-edge. The only way to get it is with a bow, magic, a crafted grenade pot, or some other weapon. One hit will take it out. 
  2. Turtle #2: Head far north from the Tower, following a north-western path towards, well, the north-western corner of the Plateau. This is near the Evergaol, too. In a forested area you’ll find one of the horse jumping updrafts. Look to the skies and you’ll see the target turtle… just floating, hanging out. Use a bow or magic to pick it off. You can also use the updraft to jump up there with torrent to attack close-up, but we found this to be very difficult to aim right.
  3. Turtle #3: Finally, the last of the Turtles you require is to the north-east of the tower. This is easiest to find by consulting the map, but the nearest landmark is the Lunar Estate Ruins, which it is south of. You’ll want to approach from the upper ledge, at which point you’ll see the turtle on a slightly lower down cliff. You can either drop down or pick it off with an arrow once again.

With all the Great Wise Beasts rounded up, you can now head back to Chelona’s Rise. The seal of the tower will be broken after all the turtles are out of the way - which means you can enter and claim your prize.

Your prize is the Ranni’s Dark Moon spell, by the way. This is one of the Legendary Sorceries in Elden Ring, and summons a cold, dark moon that can then be cast towards foes, dealing great damage. It requires 68 Intelligence to equip.