Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains Locations: Where to get all Legendary Summons

The concept of spirit summoning is a major new mechanic in Elden Ring, bringing a bit of that Souls multiplayer assistance to even the most staunchly solo player. Indeed, summons can be a key part of your character class and attribute stat spread, if you choose - and if you do, you’ll want the best summons in the game - the Legendary Ashen Remains

These functionally work the same as all of the other Spirit Ashes Summons - you ring the bell in arenas where they're available, and they come and fight alongside you - but they're legendary because of their status as characters in the Elden Ring lore. Also, they're very powerful.

In this guide to the Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains locations, we’ll do, well, what you expect - list all of the legendary ashen remains in the game. Picking them up will allow you to summon them to your aid in battle - and getting all six will also unlock the Legendary Ashen Remains achievement or trophy

Legendary Ashen Remains Locations: The Best Summon Ashes in the game

A full set of Legendary Ashen Remains summons in Elden Ring - and some others besides.

There are six Legendary Ashen Remains in Elden Ring, and they're spread across The Lands Between quite fairly. There’s one in Caelid, one just south of Limgrave in the Weeping Penninsula, and the Altus Plains. Some others are hidden away in dungeons only accessible quite late into Elden Ring - but if you know where they are, you can reach pretty much any of them a little early. Indeed, that’s what this very guide is for.

Once you get a Legendary Ashen Remains summon, you’ll likely want to consider upgrading it at Roundtable Hold to make it even more powerful still. If you’re unsure on how to unlock or use that feature, check out our guide on Spirit Ashes Upgrades for assistance. You can also use one of the Great Runes to make summons even more powerful, too. Summons carry over to New Game Plus, so once you've got 'em, they're yours forever.

Here’s all the of the Legendary Ashen Remains, how they fight, and the location to unlock them:

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Where to get the Legendary Ashes of Dragon Knight Kristoff.

Kristoff is the first of the Legendary Ashen Remains, and he’s a powerful knight that you’ve likely gotten up close and personal with over in the Royal Capital Leyndell. He comes with a spear, a large shield, and can use lightning-element attacks on foes. 

As you’d expect, Kristoff’s ashes aren’t far from Leyndell - they’re in the Altus Plateau, inside the Sainted Hero’s Grave dungeon that’s found just north-east of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, or just south of that Area’s Erdtree. The easiest way to get to that area is to loop around from the north. 

  • FP Cost: 108

Spirit of Kristoff, an honorable knight of Leyndell who was also a devout worshipper of the ancient dragons. His skills strike down foes with thunderbolts, the dragon’s weapon of choice. After the First Defense of Leyndell, Kristoff earned the hero’s honor of Erdtree Burial for the feat of capturing Godefroy the Grafted.

Redmane Knight Ogha

You can only reach the catacombs where you unlock Redmane Knight Ogha after defeating Radahn.

Redmane Knight Ogha was one of the troops of the great General Radahn, who of course is found in the Caelid area of The Lands Between. Ogha uses a bow and arrow, and can make light use of some of the gravity powers you see used by Radahn and his men.

To access this Legendary Ashen Remains, you’ll need to beat Radahn’s boss fight. Inside his barren desert-like boss arena zone west of Caelid, head north-east to the cliff edge. There you’ll find the War-Dead Catacombs. 

Defeating the boss of these catacombs gets you Ogha’s Legendary Ashen Remains. The Radahn Soldier regular Spirit Ashes are also found in these Catacombs as loot.

  • FP Cost: 106

Spirit of a mighty knight versed in the use of a greatbow. A valiant warrior who will attack immediately after being summoned. The longest-serving member of the Redmane Knights, Ogha studied techniques to manipulate gravity alongside Radahn. May use a rain of gravitational arrows in response to a war cry, but only once.

Lhutel the Headless

A map showing where to find the Ashes of Lhutel the Headless in Elden Ring.

Lhutel is, for our money, one of the very best summon ashes characters in the game; she has it all. A shield, a spear, and the ability to attack from afar if she needs to. She’s aggressive, and deals huge amounts of damage.

To get her, head to the Weeping Peninsula south of Limgrave. There, you’ll want outlook for the Tombsward Catacombs, which are hidden in the mountains near the Sleeping Peninsula’s Minor Erdtree. Defeating the boss forces it to drop Lhutel’s legendary ashen remains.

  • FP Cost: 104

Spirit of a headless knight who leads the mausoleum soldiers. Wields a lance enrobed in Death and hurls spectral lances at foes. Lhutel sacrificed her life so that in Death she could continue to protect a soulless demigod until their revival, earning her the hero’s honor of Erdtree Burial.

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

To reach Cleanrot Knight Finlay's ashes, you'll need to reach a very hidden city in the far north of The Lands Between, as the map shows.

While put earlier in the menus of Elden Ring, Cleanrot Knight Finlay is likely the final Legendary Ashes you’ll find, as she’s hidden in one of the later areas of Elden Ring. She has the moveset of the powerful and formidable Cleanrot Knights you battle in some of those late optional areas.

To reach Cleanrot Knight Finlay, you’ll need to reach Elphael, which is found past the Consecrated Snowfield, which itself is accessed by using the Secret Haligtree Medallion on the Lift of Rold. Once in the Snowfield, solve the puzzle of Ordina, Liturgical Town, and then teleport yourself to the Haligtree and head down into the heart of Elphael. This city is home to many secrets - including this legendary knight.

The easiest way to get these ashes is to go to the Prayer Room Site of Grace within Elphael. From where it spawns you, walk straight - out of the room, down a bunch of stairs, then up some stairs to a dead-end balcony. In the same direction you first walked and slightly to the right, you should be able to glimpse an area down below; a sort of patio with lots of candles on it.

Jump down there, defeat a Cleanrot Knight, and inside a chest at that location you’ll be able to grab these ashes.

  • FP Cost: 127

Finlay was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Aeonia, who in an unimaginable act of heroism carried the slumbering demigod Malenia all the way back to the Haligtree. She managed the feat alone, fending off all manner of foes along the way.

Black Knife Tiche

The area pictured is the location of Black Knife Tiche's Ashes, but it cannot be reached from Liurnia. Don't try.

A legendary figure since she was directly involved in the plot that sets Elden Ring’s events in motion, Black Knife Tiche has the same sort of move-set as the thief/assassin-like characters you sometimes encounter as enemies.

In order to get these Spirit Ashes, you’ll appropriately need to follow Ranni’s side quest, which can lead to one of the Elden Ring Endings if you so desire. As part of that quest you’ll be able to reach the Moonlight Plateau, an area above south-western Liurnia, and in that area there’s an Evergaol where you must do battle against Tiche. Defeat her, and take her ashes as reward.

  • FP Cost: 132

Tiche was one of the assassins who, on the night of the plot, imbued her black knife with the Rune of Death and slew Godwyn the Golden. She was the daughter of the Black Knife Ringleader, Alecto, and was killed protecting her mother during their flight from the royal capital.

Mimic Tear Ashes

Only one of the Legendary Ashen Remains is found underground in Elden Ring - and it's a good one, the Mimic Tear. This map shows exactly where to start looking.

A unique twist on the Ashes summon concept, the Minic Tear Legendary Ashes doesn’t cost FP - it costs HP. It does so for a reason - it summons an exact replica of your Tarnished to fight alongside you. 

In order to get these legendary ashen remains, you’ll need to spend a Swordstone Key. It’s inside the Night’s Sacred Ground area, near Nokron City.

Start at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace that’s in the raised area of Siofra River accessed via Nokron. Jump your way down, using the rooftops of Nokron to eventually gain entry to a large cathedral-like building. Before heading to ground level in this building, explore - you’ll find a Swordstone Key door. Within, there’s a chest containing these powerful ashes. We've got a full step-by-step guide on How to get the Mimic Tear Ashes, should you need it.

  • HP Cost: 600

This spirit takes the form of the summoner to fight alongside them, but its mimicry does not extend to imitating the summoner’s will. Mimic tears are the rest of an attempt by the Eternal City to forge a lord.