Rune Factory 5 Martin Romance: His likes, dislikes, events, dates, and marriage

Martin is Rune Factory 5’s aspiring blacksmith and apprentice to Darroch. As one of Rigbarth’s eligible bachelors, romancing Martin is an awkward but endearing encounter with someone who doesn’t quite know how to let his guard down or pull himself away from work.

Like the rest of the cast, you’ll have to meet certain conditions before Martin says “I do,” but we’ve got the breakdown on how you can woo the blacksmith’s apprentice and settle down. 

Marriage and children in Rune Factory 5 have shared requirements across love interests. So, check out our guide on meeting the general criteria to romance your favorite villager and follow up on the requirements for having children. 

The cutscene where the protagonist meets Martin in Rune Factory 5.

 Romancing Martin - Loves, Likes, Dislikes, Hates

As a blacksmith’s apprentice, some of Martin’s likes and dislikes are a little obvious. Hang on to items like ore and fruit - those are some of his favorite things to receive. Below, you’ll find a list of things he enjoys or doesn’t want sorted by favorites, likes, dislikes, and hates. 

Martin’s birthday is Autumn 8 - give him a gift on this day to make him a little happier.

He values Mining as a skill, so max out this quality to improve your relationship.

What gifts to give Martin and his favorite food.

Favorite Gifts

Fruit Sandwich, Orichalcum

Liked Gifts

Ore like Iron, Bronze, Platinum, and Gold. 


Mushrooms, Weeds, Stones, Branches


Puffer Fish Sashimi

 Where is Martin? His Rigbarth Schedule

Can’t find Martin? He’s usually hanging out with Darroch in the northwest corner of Rigbarth, just above your Silo apartment on the map. His home with Cecil is close by, just to the southeast of True Strike.

Martin and Cecil’s House: ~9:10 pm - 7:40 am
True Strike: ~8 am - 9 pm

 How To Trigger Martin’s Romance Stories

Progressing your relationship with Martin means seeing all three of his romance scenarios. So before you can confess and start asking him out on dates, make sure you’ve seen all of these events. 

How to begin Martin's first Romance sub-story event, Siblings.


  • Begins at True Strike
  • Requires reaching Runic Disruption in the main story 

Head to True Strike at 9 am to find out Martin is overworking - Darroch will ask you to visit Murakumo at the inn for help. After touching base there, it’s time to visit Martin’s little brother, Cecil, at their home. Then, he’ll once again send you to speak with his big brother at the Blacksmith Shop.

Once you’ve spoken to him at work, Martin asks you to meet him tomorrow evening in front of The Blue Moon Inn. You can find him there at 5 pm to conclude the story chapter. 

Meeting Martin for his second romance event near the pond of hope.

Martin’s Romance Story Sub-Event #2

  • Begins at Pond of Hope

  • Requires completing Siblings

You’ll stumble upon Martin naming his tools and settle down for a heart-to-heart about his workload. This should become available a few days after seeing Siblings finish. 

How to trigger Martin's third and final romance sub story scene.

A Misunderstanding

  • Begins at True Strike

  • Requires seeing Martin’s Romance Story Sub-Event #2

When visiting Martin and Darroch, you’ll walk into a situation with an angry customer. Martin wants to help, but your event cutscene is over for the day.

Return to True Strike after 8 am to see Martin struggling again. When the scene with Priscilla wraps up, leave for the day and return the following day after 9 am. Martin will ask for help in another cutscene. You’re free to leave at this point to run other errands, but walking back to Darroch prompts another conversation with Martin, who asks if you’re free to go ahead and work on it. Tell him “Yes,” and Martin will take you over to the counter to chat. 

Spending time with Martin runs the clock forward to 5 am the following day. Finally, at 9 am, you can speak with him again for the final cutscene in this romance story sequence. 

 Martin’s Three Special Dates

When you’ve fulfilled all of the dating requirements (Friendship Level 7, saw three Romance Story sub-events), you can confess to Martin. He’ll ask to meet you at Lake Melody at 10 am if it works. 

After seeing his first three dates, he's still available for normal outings to boost his Friendship Level. A few days after his last Special Date, a final "confession event" with Martin should take place. You'll need to see this if you intend on marrying him. 

How to confess your love to Martin in Rune Factory 5.

Confession - Lake Melody Date

Available at 9 am, Late after 10 am
Martin and the protagonist will discuss their feelings and pick nicknames for each other. The scene only lasts for one sequence, and you should be able to ask Martin out on more dates now. 

Martin will meet you for his first Special Date in front of Lackadaisy.

Special Date - Restaurant

  • Available at 9 am, Late after 10 am

Meet Martin in front of Lackadaisy for an outing with Cecil. The event is over once the cutscene finishes. 

Martin's second date location takes you to the Kleve Lava Caves.

Special Date - Kelve Lava Caves

  • Available at 9 am, Late after 10 am

Asking Martin out again takes you on a meeting at the Kelve Lava Caves to mine together. This event is also over after one cutscene. 

You can meet Martin for your third date at the Great Tree Plaza.

Special Date - The Great Tree Plaza

  • Available at 9 am, Late after 10 am

Martin wants to watch you do your SEED patrols, so meet with him in the plaza for a sub-event finished in one scene.

Confession Event - A Smithy's Honor

  • Available at 9 am in front of True Strike

Martin and Darroch have received a special order. Meet with them at True Strike to hear more about it.  The next day, return to True Strike at the same time to chat with Cecil and then head to Kelve Lava Caves 3F for another scene. 

After a night's sleep, head back to the blacksmith shop in the morning and Darroch will advise you to immediately head over to the Pond of Hope. The event ends there for the day.

Again at 9 am, head to the Bridge of Hope and see one more scene before waiting until the next day. You should return to the Kelve Lava Caves 3F after 8 am, there will be one moment where you stop to fight a monster. 

For the next three days, you'll need to go to True Strike every morning. After seeing the third scene with Martin, you're all done with his confession event. 

 Proposing, Marrying, and Kids with Martin

Once you've completed all of Martin's aforementioned events and you meet the requirements mentioned in our romance guide, he's ready to say, "I do." If Martin is still lacking a bit to get him to Friendship Level 10, take him out on more dates and bring him extra goodies he likes.