Rune Factory 5 Ryker Romance: Best gifts, romance story events, and confession

Ryker is Rune Factory 5's sleepy bachelor who works and studies under Palmo, the local architectual legend. He comes off as a bit disinterested in the day-to-day grind of life, but getting to know Ryker digs beyond that aloof attitude and into his past.

Romancing Ryker may have you grinding for a few pricier dish recipes to build his Friendship Level up, but we'll cover some of his likes, dislikes, triggering date events, and how his mysterious romance story plays out.

All bachelors and bachelorettes in Rune Factory 5 share some common criteria for triggering dates and, eventually, marriage. Refer to our dating and proposal guide for details on how to improve Friendship Levels, crafting an engagement ring, and acquiring a double bed.

A guide to romancing Ryker in Rune Factory 5

 Ryker’s Favorite Gifts, Likes, and Hates

Gift giving with Ryker means farming plenty of starches and sweets - the craftsman enjoys plenty stemming from yams, potatoes, and milk. He doesn't like curry, and that seems to extend to just about everything curry related in RF5. He hates some dishes, but only dislikes others - just be careful about what you give him. 

Ryker's birthday is Winter 27- give him a gift on this day to make him a little happier.

He values Logging as a skill, level it to earn Friendship Points quickly.

  • Favorite Gifts
    • Ice Cream
  • Liked Gifts
    • French Fries, Glazed Yam, Popcorn, Sweet Potato, Toast
  • Dislikes
    • Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Curry Manju, Boot, Branch, Can, Failed Dish, Scrap Metal, Rock, Weeds
  • Hated
    • Ultimate Curry, Royal Curry

 Where is Ryker? His Rigbarth Location and Schedule

Ryker spends most of his time at Studio Palmo, but occassionally visits Lackadaisy. His home doubles as his work, so you won't see him walking between two places in the morning.

Studio Palmo: 8 am ~ 7 pm

 All of Ryker’s Romance Stories and Requirements

Chronic Slacker

  • Begins at Great Tree Plaza
  • Requires reaching Runic Disruption in the main story

Head over to the Great Tree Plaza during the morning to find Ryker napping. Once that cutscene ends, you’ll need to progress to evening of the next day.

After 7 pm, you can find Ryker napping yet again on the beach on the east side of Rigbarth. When he leaves, progress to the next day and find him early in the morning after 8 am close to the same beach in front of a vacant house. Ryker’s romance story will need you to jump ahead to yet another new day and head to Studio Palmo for a cutscene there around 8 am, too. This last moment at the shop concludes Ryker’s first romance story event. 

Ryker’s Romance Story Scene #2

  • Begins at Bridge of Hope
  • Requires completing Chronic Slacker
    • Note: These second romance stories tend to begin just a couple of days after the first event. This event did not trigger for us while working on Belpha Ruins and only appeared after completing Gadeus Grasslands. We’ll update after more testing, but it seems like Ryker's event may rely on more story progression.

Ryker will catch up with you on the Bridge of Hope after 7 am. Finding him there asking for advice and after watching one cutscene, this event is complete. 


  • Begins at Studio Palmo
  • Requires seeing Ryker’s Romance Story Scene #2

Head to Studio Palmo after 8 am to find Ryker anxious about a project Palmo has assigned him. On that same day, you can head to The Great Tree Plaza and back to Studio Palmo for two more scenes with Ryker. After that, it’s time to head to bed and wait.

The next morning, find Ryker again after 8 am on the Bridge of Hope. You’ve got one more event to trigger at Studio Palmo, so sleep, run back again early, and watch the last cutscene of Ryker’s Romance Story sub-events. 

 Ryker's Special Dates and Confession Event


 How to Marry Ryker in Rune Factory 5

To marry Ryker, you'll need to see all three of his Romance Story events, his three Special Dates, his confession, plus achieve Friendship Level 10. At that level, using the engagement ring should work on him after story completion and crafting the double bed. 

If he's not saying, "I do," then double check your friendship. Taking him on more dates should make the task easier.