Rune Factory 5 Reinhard Romance: His favorite gifts, story events, and special dates

Rune Factory 5's chivalrous knight isn't from Rigbarth, but he's eager to fit in. Reinhard comes to the village with his kingdom's princess, Beatrice, and the two are both romance options for the protagonist. While he looks like flashy royalty, romancing Reinhard digs into his difficult past and why his personality is far more humble than what you'd expect. 

Reinhard isn't immediately available to pursue when beginning RF5, but we'll explain when Reinhard will join for RF5's story, the best gifts to give him, and what scenes you'll need to view to get a love confession out of him. 

The bachelors and bachelorettes of RF5 all share a few common requirements to meet before they're willing to date or marry the protagonist. When preparing to walk down the aisle with Reinhard, review our dating and marriage guide on required Friendship Levels, expansions, and crafts.

 What to Give Reinhard, His Likes and Dislikes

Reinhard may not look like it as a knight, but he's pretty easy to please. It ties into his character, but you'll learn he likes Failed Dishes - giving you an easy way of handling those recipe misfires. One of his favorite foods is also  from a recipe obtained fairly early, so he's a great bachelor to quickly woo.

Reinhard’s birthday is Autumn 30 - make sure to give him gifts on this day for a bonus.

He values Weapon Skills, so focus on these to improve your relationship.

  • Favorite Gifts
    • Toast, Jam Roll
  • Liked Gifts
    • Failed Dishes, Turnip Seeds, Yam Seeds, Potato Seeds
  • Dislikes
    • All gems (Emerald, Ruby, Aquamarine, etc), Branch, Boot, Can, Scrap Metal, Weeds
  • Hates
    • Update Pending

 Where to Meet Reinhard and His Schedule

Reinhard isn't in Rigbarth from the beginning. Before he'll head to the village with Lady Beatrice, you'll need to complete the Belpha Ruins. It's not enough to unlock the area, but the royal duo should show up a day or two later after defeating the dungeon's boss, Cerberus. 

Belpha Ruins: Prior to ~9 am
Lackadaisy & The Blue Moon Inn: Often at Lackadaisy earlier in the day and lunch, then later at the inn

 How to Trigger Reinhard’s Romance Story Chapters

  • Hard-Working Knight

  • Begins at Serendipity
  • Requires completing Kelve Lava Caves, Friendship Level 1
    • Head to Misasagi’s store after 8 am and find Reinhard struggling to shop. One cutscene is all that’s available per day for Reinhard’s romance story, so head to bed and find him again at Belpha Ruins the next morning at 8 am. He has two back-to-back here, so return again at the same time after one more rest.

      Finally, on the last day, you’ll find Reinhard at Lackadaisy for lunch after 12 pm. That’s his last scene for now.
  • Reinhard’s Romance Story Event #2

  • Begins at Belpha Ruins
  • Requires completing Hard-Working Knight
    • A few days after completing Reinhard’s first romance story sequence, he’ll pop back up in the Belpha Mines with a pink icon. Speak to him to hear a little more about his past, and that’s all there is to this chapter. 
  • Everyone’s Favorite Knight

  • Begins at Ripple Beach
  • Requires seeing Reinhard’s Romance Story Event #2
    • Reinhard will be at the beach with Fuuka and Martin starting at 8 am. Speak to him there before heading to bed for the night and picking back up with him at 8 am again, but this time you’ll head to Lake Melody in the north. That’s it for this day.

      In the morning, find Reinhard at the Crystalabra. He’ll go from there to the Great Tree Plaza, and then to the Belpha ruins all on the same day. After this point, Reinhard's three Romance Story events are all complete.

 Unlocking Reinhard's Special Dates, Confession Scene

Update pending.

 How to Propose to and Marry Reinhard

Reinhard will say I do after meeting the general RF5 marriage requirements. That means you'll need to see all of his Romance Story chapters, go on all three Special Dates, and trigger his love confession. You'll also need to finish the RF5 story.

With that done, all that's left is to make a double bed and engagement ring before making sure his Friendship Level hits 10. It can get a little hard to grind out that last level, so make sure you're following the tips from our general romance guide and taking him on extra dates to boost that last little bit.

If you've met all the requirements, Reinhard should agree to spend the rest of his life with Alice or Ares.