13 Sentinels Aegis Rim: Remembrance Mode Walkthrough Guide

Remembrance Mode is the main mode of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and where you'll spend the majority of your time with the game. As such, this Remembrance mode guide functions as a 13 Sentinels walkthrough for the core of the game. It's paired with Destruction Mode, which we also have a guide for.

For the most part, Remembrance is pretty straight-forward. You'll usually explore each screen, finding what you can interact with, using the keywords stored in your Thought Cloud on a person or object, and progress through the story this way. However, there are times when it's not obvious what to do in order to move forward. This guide will help you through some of the game's harder segments when the usual rules don't apply, but deliberately stops short of giving step-by-step instructions for the whole game - as you shouldn't need them!

This guide will be broken up by individual characters, but I will only list segments where players might run into some issues progressing forward. These issues might be caused by a strange mechanic, the game breaking its own rules, or the game not being clear on what you are supposed to do. 13 Sentinels tracks your story progress in percentages, and each character has their own percentage of the story. This guide will list the story percentages where applicable.

Juro Kurabe: 22-55%

Juro Kurabe is the character with the most "branching paths" in the game. Most lead to dead-ends, and can be caused by players not understanding where to move next. The first two branching paths are relatively straight-forward and the game will push you in that direction. The issue comes with the third branching path, where players must ditch Kyuta Shiba in order to move freely.

The way that appears the most consistent is using the 'Stack of Papers' keyword on Kyuta Shiba, which can be obtained by interacting with the stack of papers on the far right of the screen in the classroom. This will get rid of Shiba for the duration of the segment, allowing players to move about as they wish.

Iori Fuyusaka: 14%

This segment is probably the most infamous among 13 Sentinels players. Dubbed the "girl talk loop", this segment involves Iori, Tomi, and Miwako having some random girl talk on the way home from school. The game says to "listen in on Tomi and Miwako's conversation", but that tip is basically useless. The way to tell what's going on is in the top left corner. Each time you initiate a conversation with Miwako, the topic will change. There's two topics: "Boys, boys, boys", and "About that kitty…". There are two keywords players need out of this segment: 'Lucky Item', and 'Cat Treats'.

To start, continue to talk to Miwako until she talks about sending a love letter. Talking to Miwako about three times will be enough. Once Tomi begins to lose interest in the topic, you can talk to her and she will bring up the option to go out for food. You have to talk to Tomi when she starts to lose interest, or the conversation will loop, and you'll have to wait until that point in the conversation to talk to Tomi again. You have two options: crepes or soft serve. You have to eventually pick both.

Once you reach this part of the segment, you're home-free… Or are you? If you choose crepes, Miwako will mention she has cat treats on her. You will get 'Cat Treats' in your Thought Cloud. The cat in question is waiting on the far right of the screen. You can also steer the conversation of Miwako and Tomi towards the cat if you approach it earlier. In order to get through this segment, you need to move Iori close enough to the cat so she notices it. Once she does, you must open the Thought Cloud, highlight 'Cat Treats' and slowly move back towards Miwako and Tomi until the option to use 'Cat Treats' appears.

In most conversations, you have to be standing in front of whatever you want to use the keyword on. In this one instance in the entire game, you must use the keyword from a distance. If you move too close to the cat or too close to Miwako and Tomi, the cat will run away and the topic of the conversation will change to "About that kitty…". While the topic is on "About that kitty…", the cat will not reappear. You have to talk to Miwako to change the conversation back to "Boys, boys, boys", and move far enough away from the right side of the screen for the cat to appear again. To use 'Lucky Item', choose soft serve, and then talk to Miwako until you're able to use the keyword on her.

Takatoshi Hijiyama: 42% (Collecting Change)

Most likely the second most infamous segment of the game is finding loose change as Takatoshi Hijiyama. In this part of the game, you have to chase around "Lucky" as the cat has a penchant for finding loose change. The goal of this segment is to gather enough change to buy Hijiyama's beloved yakisoba pan from the cafeteria. However, most players struggle to get this part started. After hearing nearby schoolgirls talk about "Lucky", Hijiyama says, "Let's see what's under the box shall we"? If you're not paying attention or have no idea what he's talking about, you might understandably be confused.

The "box" is the wooden structure right in the middle of the schoolyard. However, you cannot interact with it, so some players might miss the hint. You have to be standing underneath the box, and then select "Change" in the Thought Cloud to pick up the change "Lucky" dropped for you. In every other segment of Hijiyama's route where you have to pick up loose change, this is the only time you don't use "Change" on Lucky itself. This is the source of most players' frustrations with this segment as the game breaks its rules, and doesn't give you the visual cue that every other instance does afterwards.

Ei Sekigahara: 42-74% (Phaser)

While some players might figure this out as long as they explore their environment, this might stump those who just go through their Thought Cloud right away. One of the routes Ei Sekigahara needs to take involves a little more than just going through his Thought Cloud. After you hit 42% on Ei Sekigahara's route, a policeman will be standing in front of him when you first begin his segment. If you approach the cop, Ei will mention that it's just an ordinary policeman. Once you're standing next to the policeman, if you use "Phaser" in the Thought Cloud, Ei will pull it out to look at it. The policeman will notice the weapon, and you'll progress down a new route.

Nenji Ogata: 14% onwards

Nenji Ogata's story isn't particularly difficult, and it will likely involve trial and error for some people. If you would prefer to skip the trial and error of his story, then read on through.

After the prologue, repeat the same thing in the prologue in the next segment: walk to the left, beat up the bullies, then stop Tomi Kisaragi before she departs onto the train with the new keywords you were given at the end of the prologue. After that, NEVER GO TO THE LEFT AGAIN. Everything will take place on the right side after you first start the segment. If you want to hear some new dialogue with the bullies after each new story segment, feel free to walk to the left. However, this path will always lead to a restart of the whole segment.

For some reason, the game will spawn Juro Kurabe to your left after you move to the right to talk to Iori Fuyusaka. He disappears immediately after Nenji notices him, and continuing further to the left will have you run into the bullies. Don't bother chasing after Juro Kurabe until after you hit 62%.

After you stop Kisaragi from entering the train and after you talk to Iori Fuyusaka the first time, talk to her again in the next segment and chase her onto the train. 


In the next segment after that, question Iori Fuyusaka. After she and Tsukasa Okino get on the train, wait there until Ryoko Shinonome appears. She will be the next person you pursue onto the train. 


On the 75% segment, talk to Juro Kurabe and he will hand you a note. Wait on the right side of the station until the third train appears and follow Megumi Yakushiji onto the train.

Yuki Takamiya: Holmes and Watson

After Yuki Takamiya's prologue, the next couple of sections of her story involve a lot of detective work. While asking around might not be hard, it's where you need to go after you investigate that stumps some players. Yuki Takamiya has four areas to explore from right to left: the roof, the hallway, the track field, and the track and field clubroom. For now, move from the roof all the way to the track and field room, talking to everyone along the way.

When you talk to Megumi Yakushiji, she will mention that she has seen Natsuno heading to the "Track and Field Room" at break. If you ask her about Natsuno again, she will bring up "The Notebook". When you reach the track field, talk to the track and field team captain and manager. If you use "Natsuno Minami" on the track club captain and manager, the manager will bring up the "North Building Fire". If you bring up Natsuno Minami to the track team member in pigtails, she will bring up "The Box".

When you reach the clubroom, investigate Natsuno's locker to pick up her notebook. For now, leave it alone and return to the hallway. You should see Nenji Ogata walking to the school roof on the right. Bring up the "North Building Fire" to him and he will bring up the keyword "Girls' Bathroom". Use that on Erika Aiba to progress.

After you investigate the girls' bathroom, in order to trigger the next segment, you need "Tokisaka Shrine". You can get this keyword from the second entry in Natsuno's journal. Each entry will give you a new keyword, but only the second entry's "Tokisaka Shrine" is relevant. Every time you look up an entry in Natsuno's journal, it will erase the keyword you got from the last entry you read, so if you lose "Tokisaka Shrine", just read the second entry again to pull it back up. Present "Tokisaka Shrine" to Erika Aiba, and talk to Ryoko Shinonome outside the school gate.

In the next segment, you can travel straight to the "Front Gate" by presenting the keyword to Erika Aiba. Once there, move to the left to progress.

Ryoko Shinonome: 28% (Pill Management)

Ryoko Shinonome behaves the most differently from any other 13 Sentinels protagonist when controlling her. Every minute or so, Ryoko will need to take pills to keep her crippling headaches at bay. Failure to take a pill after Ryoko starts grabbing her head will result in redoing the segment. Ryoko must use the keyword 'Run Away' on Tomi Kisaragi in the hallway each time in order to explore.

Once players are outside of the hallway, Ryoko will drop down to one pill. The first time players take the last pill, they need to return to the nurse's office to get a new part of the story. After this, going back to the nurse's office will result in a dead end as players have already seen this part of the story. The management of this pill is key.

Entering the cafeteria or the school break area will instantly put Ryoko into "head grabbing" state. Players have to wait until Tomi Kisaragi appears before taking the pill. If players take the pill too early, Ryoko might get knocked out in the middle of the conversation. Players can also wait until initiating the conversation, and then take the pill.

Ryoko will mention going to the nurse's office, and the flow chart will show players on the "taking the last pill" path, but ignore it and continue talking. The same pill management rule applies for a later conversation with Yuki Takamiya in the cafeteria.