The best mods for Monster Hunter Rise on PC

Monster Hunter Rise is an excellent game, and the PC port is equally great - but it's not without its faults. Numerous cutscenes are locked to 30FPS, for example - and on a personal note, I've run into some slight stability issues here and there. That's where mods first come in - but it's also just the tip of the iceberg.

As well as thankfully smoothing out some of the more uneven aspects of the PC port, intrepid modders have been hard at work, developing not just fixes but also various quality of life changes for Monster Hunter Rise on PC. Indeed, mods help to further make this the most superior version of the game. Here are some of the best mods we've found that anyone should try out for themselves. Do keep in mind that some of these mods may have their compatibility challenged when Sunbreak launches - but for now, all work just fine.


Monster Hunter Rise REFramework mod loader

Beyond acting as the de-facto mod loader for Monster Hunter Rise, REFramework itself also comes loaded with a number of fixes for crashes linked to players using programs such as ReShade, and even provides extra stability for players using the game otherwise stock.


Monster Hunter Rise RiseTweaks mod

RiseTweaks offers two main improvements to the game; uncapping cutscenes previously limited to 30FPS, and offering a more granular resolution scaler. It's a minor mod in the grand scheme of things, but greatly appreciated. Like most mods on this list, you'll need to have REFramework installed for it to work, first.

Fluffy Manager 5000

Fluffy Manager 5000 is another mod loader for Rise, but this time specifically for modifying the game's actual assets; this will be useful for mods that replace character models, for example, or other aspects of the game's actual content.

4K HUD Mod

Monster Hunter Rise 4K HUD mod

This one is pretty self-explanatory; this replaces the lower resolution assets from the game's user interface with recreated and upscaled assets made to better mesh with higher resolution displays. This one will require you to have Fluffy Manager 5000 installed, as it's modifying the game's assets directly. 


One issue that some players have with Monster Hunter Rise on PC can be stuttering that is attributed to devices being plugged into and out of your system, as the game tries to determine if it's a gamepad it will need to poll inputs from. This mod makes it so the game will ignore these changes unless it's explicitly an Xinput device.


This mod doesn't add any specific QoL features to the game, but what it does offer is an insanely unique alternative gameplay mode for offline play by turning hunts into a Superhot-type affair - the rest of the game only moves when you move. If you've played Superhot, then you know what to expect here.

Of course, there are plenty more mods where that came from - do you have a favorite mod that wasn't listed? Feel free to let us know any other mods folks should check out down in the comments, below.