Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sub-Camps and Buddy Recon Locations: all sub camps and buddy recon maps

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings two new locations to explore and hunt - the Jungle and Citadel. Both of these places contain a sub-camp to unlock a new fast travel point, but Sunbreak also expands fast traveling options with the new Buddy Recon system.

What is the Buddy Recon system?

Buddy Recons allow players to deploy their Palico and Palamute buddies to one of two points in each of the 7 maps in the game. Once they have been sent out, players can fast travel to them only once per hunt. 

Think of Buddy Recons as stripped down Sub-Camps. They can be fast traveled to only once per hunt and it costs 100 Kamura Points per use. There are no tents or chests at their location, so players cannot restock their items at these Buddy Recon spots.

Unlike Sub-Camps, Buddy Recons do not require players to fulfill a Side Quest to unlock them, once their location has been discovered. When players find them, they can immediately assign a Buddy to that location under the Buddy Recon section in the Meowcenaries menu.

Undiscovered Buddy Recon points are marked with several dandelion pappus floating at its location. Simply run up to them and the Buddy Recon prompt will appear to unlock it.


Down below are all the maps showing the location of all Sub-Camps and Buddy Recon Points. Remember that for Buddy Recons, players can only choose one of the two Points to send a Palico or Palamute to. Only Point 1 or Point 2 can be active at a time.

Shrine Ruins


Frost Islands


Sandy Plains


Flooded Forest


Lava Caverns