Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Interlink Guide: How to increase Interlink Level

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has many mechanics, especially when it comes to combat. One absolutely crucial system is the Interlink mechanic - which is a bit frustrating, because for whatever reason how this system works and how to raise Interlink level isn't very well explained in-game.

Those familiar with the series are aware that Xenoblade games are full of tutorials, and for the most part, Xenoblade 3 will walk you through each and every sub-system in the game to make sure you have an idea of how it works. The Interlink mechanic is new for the 3rd entry, and how it's explained isn't immediately intuitive. Thankfully, this page is here to help you out by explaining how the Interlink system works in-depth, including how to raise the interlink level efficiently. 

Learning to raise the Interlink Level will open up new combat opportunities in Xenoblade 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What the Interlink Level mechanic does

The Interlink mechanic is all-new for Xenoblade 3, and is linked to the Ouroboros form. It becomes a significant component in combat, and understanding it can be crucial when taking on tough monsters. 

The Interlink system in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is unlocked in Chapter 3, and brings the Ouroboros forms with it. From here, you'll be able to use the Ouroboros forms to help you out in combat - but to maximize your chances here, you'll need to fully understand how the system works, with the most crucial component being your ability to raise the Interlink Level.

All of this is vital, because raising your Interlink level to the maximum interlink level of 3 will unlock the most powerful skills and abilities when you're in Ouroboros form - which unlocks some of the most powerful combat skills in the game that can open up difficult encounters to make them beatable.

This system is one of the ones confusing fans the most - up there with some getting stuck on why classes not unlocking due to being overleveled, tracking down and unlocking All of the Heroes in XC3, or mastering every side quest in the game.

How to raise Interlink Level, and what to do if the Interlink Level isn't increasing

An annotated screenshot showing how the Interlink Level system in Xenoblade 3 works.

In battle, the Interlink Level between each character pair (Noah/Mio, Eunie/Taion, Lanz/Sena) will slowly increase during combat, but only when they are NOT fighting in interlinked form. This is the key part of the mechanic that may not be intuitive at first glance.

As any given battle progresses, the Interlink between Ouroboros partners will increase, starting from an Interlink Level of 0. As you may expect, Noah and Mio share an Interlink Level, as do Eunie/Taion and Lanz/Sena.

  1. In the box labeled (A) in the above image, you can see the current Interlink Level between your currently-selected character and their partner. Your interlink level starts at 0 and maxes out at 3.
  2. Besides gradually increasing in battle, the fastest way to raise the Interlink Level is to perform Fusion Arts, which is when your Keves and Agnus-based arts are 'linked' with a highlighted bar in the lower part of the interface. This is shown in the box labeled (B) in the above image.

While performing Fusion Arts isn't guaranteed to push the number up, the more Fusion Arts you do, the faster your Interlink Level will raise. Note, there's no bar or meter that shows 'how close' you are to the next Interlink level. Just keep fighting and performing Fusion Arts, and watch the number in the lower-left UI.

You can go ahead and press the D-Pad left to change into the Ouroboros form even at Level 0. However, with only a level of 0, you won't last long in the form. While the Ouroboros form is functionally invincible, it does not last forever. Through a so-called Heat Meter, you can see how much time you have left while fused in an Ouroboros form.

Interlink Level cannot be carried from one battle to the next, as it will always start at 0 at the start of each encounter.

Another annotated Xenoblade 3 screenshot that explains how the Interlink mechanic works.
  1. Once fused, in the above image, the box labeled (C) shows you the Interlink Level of your Ouroboros form, as well as the Heat Meter showing how much time you have left in the fusion. The Interlink level while you are in Ouroboros Form cannot increase or decrease while you are fused - the level is locked at the moment you decide to fuse. Naturally, once your Heat Meter depletes and you revert back to normal characters, your Interlink level will start at 0 again.
  2. It's important to note that some Ouroboros Arts have a bonus effect if you reach Interlink Level 3. One example of this can be seen in the box labeled (D), where one of Noah/Mio's arts can induce Break, but only if they reached an Interlink Level of 3 before fusing.

Interlink Level also influences the bonus effect when an Ouroboros form is triggered, as explained in the in-game tips section:

  • Attacker (Noah and Mio): Deals more damage to all enemies when triggered
  • Defender (Lanz and Sena): Increases own aggro value.
  • Healer (Eunie and Taion): Restores HP to entire party.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Interlink Mechanic Tips

To master the Interlink and Ouroboros system, you'll need to keep these tips in mind.

As mentioned above, mastering the Interlink mechanic in combat is key to being able to take on some of the biggest challenges in Xenoblade 3, including some of the most difficult side quest battles and the most challenging Unique Monsters.

With that ado, hopefully this page helped to explain the interlink mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Here's a recap:

  • Interlink Level goes up in battle between each Ouroboros pair, starting at Level 0 and maxing out at Level 3. It only increases when characters are not fused.
  • Interlink Level only goes up in battle, will start at 0 in each battle encounter, and cannot be 'carried' from one battle to the next.
  • You can form into an Ouroboros form even if you have Level 0 Interlink, but a higher Interlink Level will allow you stay transformed longer.
  • The Interlink Level only comes into play the moment you transform into Ouroboros form. It cannot increase or decrease while in Ouroboros Form. It will revert back to 0 when your Heat meter runs out, naturally.
  • The higher the Interlink level when the Ouroboros form is triggered, the more effective their Attacker/Healer/Defender abilities will be.
  • Some Ouroboros form Arts have bonus effects when performed at Interlink Level 3.