Tactics Ogre Reborn Infinite Goth Guide: How to earn infinite money

As players play through Tactics Ogre: Reborn, they’ll gradually be earning Goth, the in-game currency, as they earn coins that are automatically sold when they enter a Shop. Normally, another way to boost Goth income is selling off equipment and consumables that you don’t need.

Goth is valuable in Tactics Ogre: Reborn because it’s a quick way to stock up on consumable items, purchase magic spells, and engage with the crafting system - which allows players to create new weapons and upgrade equipment to better deal damage and receive incoming damage out on the battlefield.

There is a slight oversight in Tactics Ogre: Reborn at the moment that allows players to get infinite Goth at a rapid pace - easily reaching millions of Goth in a very short amount of time. Basically, this is a Tactics Ogre Reborn infinite money cheat - if you have the patience and time to exploit it.

Keep in mind that this will, naturally, break the in-game economy and make the game slightly easier, so it’s up to your discretion on whether you want to use this exploit. Scroll on at your discretion...

How to make a lot of Goth quickly in Tactics Ogre: Reborn infinitely

As it happens, earning Infinite Money in Tactics Ogre Reborn is easier than you might think - though this method of earning infinite Goth is technically a bug. Here's hoping this grind doesn't get patched, however - at time of publishing, it still works. 

The first step in getting Infinite Money in Tactics Ogre Reborn is the Ranged Weapons 2 recipe.

The only prerequisite that players will need to do the following is the Ranged Weapons II crafting recipe that can be bought in the Shop after a certain point in the main story. As soon as the Shop sells it, immediately buy it and you will be ready to get a lot of Goth fast.

Part of the Ranged Weapons II crafting recipe is the ability to craft the Baldur Blowgun. This requires 1 Silver Ingot, 2 Baldur Ingot, and 1 Golden Ingot. Luckily, the Shop also sells these so there’s no need to track down their materials in battle.

Simply craft as many Baldur Blowguns as you can with the amount of Goth you have on you - and sell all those Baldur Blowguns back to the Shop. You will receive more back than the amount of Goth it took to craft it!

The key to infinite money is the Baldur Blowgun item; you can sell it back for more than it costs to create.
This is honestly so easy that it can be game breaking, so think hard before you use this to get Infinite Goth.

The individual materials it takes to craft a Baldur Blowgun is cheaper than the lump sum of how much it sells for. Thus, all it takes to make a lot of money in Tactics Ogre: Reborn very fast is simply crafting Baldur Blowguns again and again to sell them.

By using this Blowgun trick, you can stack up Infinite Money and truly break Tactics Ogre Reborn, if you want.

Use the profits you’ve made to craft more Baldur Blowguns to sell them again! Continue to do this until you’re happy with the amount of Goth. Stock up on consumable items, get all the fancy magic spells you’ve wanted, and get all the equipment upgrades you’ve been saving up for.

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