Where to find Tinkatink in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If there's one thing that Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet's new Pokemon roster has going for it - it's the introduction of a variety of new Pokemon typing combinations. One of the most interesting comes in the form of Tinkatink - a Fairy/Steel-type Pokemon line. While this typing technically was already represented with Klefki back in Pokemon X and Y, Tinkatink differs with being a 3-stage evolutionary line and offering a much more straightforward Pokemon that can more easily slot into the average team.

Tinkatink's Pokedex entry cover.

Because of this, many players will likely find themselves wanting to raise one for their own teams; which leaves the question of where, exactly, you can find one. Thankfully, the answer is fairly easy to explain.

Where to find Tinkatink in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Tinkatink's possible habitats.

Tinkatink can generally be found around Ruins within the marked portion of the map; while it's not the most common spawn, it's still relatively easy to run into one without much effort. This also means that players should be able to easily find one for their team before they've even challenged the first gym for Victory Road, if they are so inclined. That's great, because Tinkatink is an awesome Pokemon, and being able to add one to your party without much effort makes it all the easier to recommend for the average player's team.

Once you've caught one of your own, all that's left is to train it - good luck, and have fun with the rest of your playthrough!