How to evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One of my favorite aspects of recent Pokemon generations is their propensity to give older Pokemon new evolutions - of course, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are no different. This time, Dunsparce has received a new evolution - cannily nammed Dudunsparce. 

The name and the design is seemingly a reference to the game Snake, in that it adds another section (or two) to Dunsparce's torso. But how in Paldea do you get it to evolve? Thankfully, the answer is simpler than you might think.

Where to catch Dunsparce and how to evolve into Dudunsparce

It goes without saying, but before you can even evolve a Dunsparce - first, you'll have to catch one. It can spawn in the above areas, but do remain cautious when approaching if it gets startled and retreats underground you'll have to find another before you can have a chance to catch one.

Dudunsparce, newly evolved.

Once you've caught your Dunsparce, evolving it is simple. Simply train it up to level 32, and you'll be prompted to teach it the move Hyper Drill. If you elect to teach it the move, it will immediately evolve into Dudunsparce. Again, we must stress - simply raising a Dunsparce's level to 32 is not enough to evolve it. It must learn Hyper Drill in order to evolve into Dudunsparce. Thankfully, even if you misclick Pokemon Scarlet & Violet make it trivial to reteach Pokemon moves, so correcting that mistake is only ever a few clicks away.

Hyper Drill, the necessary move to evolve Dunsparce.

Dudunsparce is a very commendable Pokemon, and its new signature move Hyper Drill is a very powerful attack that can even break through a rival Pokemon's Protect! Good luck hunting for one of your own, and have fun evolving your Dunsparce!