How to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Of all the new evolutions added to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, Bisharp's new evolution - Kingambit - has perhaps the most interesting method of evolving it. Both aesthetically and thematically Kingambit is an incredibly cool new addition to the Pokedex, but unless you were to have someone spell it out to you, chances are you would struggle to figure it out on your own. Thankfully, we've already gone through the process of evolving our very own Bisharp and can tell you all you need to know to power up your own Pokemon buddy.

Where to catch Bisharp with a Leader's Crest

Bisharp's habitat in northeast Paldea.

First things first; it's not merely enough to level up a Pawniard all the way to a Bisharp, your Bisharp must be carrying a Leader's Crest held item before you even have a chance of it evolving. Unfortunately, these items can only be held by Bisharp out in the wild; more specifically, Bisharp that leads a pack of Pawniards in the northeast section of the Paldea region.

A Bisharp leading a pack of Pawniards.

While you're likely to find many Bisharp roaming about in this area, it's only Bisharp within these groups that have a chance of carrying the item in question. You'll have to catch one first in order to grab its item, though for most players it's probably best to just catch your Bisharp here to start with. Once you've done so, that's the first tricky part of the process handled, and one more to go.

How to evolve Bisharp to Kingambit

Unlike an evolutionary stone, or items that will evolve certain Pokemon if they're held during a trade, the Leader's Crest does not inherently evolve a Bisharp. Instead, the process itself is a little more complicated. While you will indeed need to level up while holding it, Bisharp itself won't actually evolve until another much more important criterion is met. Those same Bisharp that lead packs of Pawniards that we showcased up above? You'll need to have your own Bisharp, with Leader's Crest in tow, defeat 3 other Bisharp holding a Leader's Crest in battle.

A Shiny Kingambit, after having evolved.

Once you've defeated your third Bisharp carrying a Leader's Crest - and don't worry, it's a guaranteed held item for those Bisharp that spawn in the middle of a group of Pawniards - simply leveling your Bisharp up once will initiate the evolution. Having truly established its dominance over the other Bisharp, yours takes its rightful spot as the King of its own group of Pokemon. Good luck with your own quest for a Kingambit, and have fun!