How to evolve Primeape into Annilhilape in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Back in the first generation of Pokemon, it was enough for Pokemon to have a simple gimmick - like Primeape being a very, very angry ape; and while things have evolved over the years, it feels like Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet's take on an additional evolution for the Mankey line understood the assignment incredibly well with Annihilape. As cool as it is, however, how on earth do you even get one? The good news is that it's simpler than it first appears, and we've got all the steps you'll need to follow to let your own Primeape release its inner rage inside.

Where to catch Primeape

Primeape's habitats in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

First things first; you'll need to either evolve a Mankey or catch a Primeape in order to proceed to evolve one into an Annihilape. To that end, you can find Primeapes in any of the above locations. Once you've either evolved a Mankey or captured a Primeape, the rest of the puzzle for evolving is mostly straightforward. In fact, chances are many players will unlock this evolution purely out of chance - though, there is an undeniable chance of missing out on it entirely if you weren't aware of what's necessary.

How to evolve a Primeape into Annihilape

A Primeape, about to evolve.

Once a Primeape reaches level 35, it will want to learn Rage First. Importantly, make sure that your Primeape learns the move; it's the key to unlocking its evolution, even if it's not immediately obvious upon being prompted to learn it. While some Pokemon will merely require knowledge of a move to evolve, Annihilape isn't quite as simple - you'll need to use it in action. 20 times, in fact.

By unleashing your Primeape's rage over 20 times in battle, and leveling your Primeape up, it will initiate the evolution into Annihilape. Not only will its stats improve, but it gains a secondary Ghost typing in addition to the standard Fighting. The already hard-hitting Primeape now hits even harder, alongside the addition of some much-appreciated bulk to help it tank attacks more often than before its evolution.

It's a neat method of evolution, much like many of the ones added with Scarlet and Violet, which feels fitting for what is such a cool continuation of an evolutionary chain from as far back as Pokemon Red and Blue. Annihilape is a more than worthy addition to anyone's team, so good luck to any trainers that have decided to add one to theirs!