How to catch Miraidon and Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet were revealed, it was notable how the two games' "box legendaries" were part of the game's plot from the very beginning of the game - players use them as a means of traversal throughout Paldea, and power them up as they progress through Arven's story, "Path of Legends". That being the case, however, when do players get the chance to actually catch Miraidon and Koraidon to use in battle? Surprisingly enough, these two Pokemon take at least a little more effort than the usual box legendary to catch. Please be aware, however, that we will be going over spoilers for the games' story.

How to catch Miraidon and Koraidon

Miraidon's Pokedex cover page.

After completing the game's 3 story paths - Nemona's "Victory Road", Penny's "Starfall Street" and Arven's "Path of Legends", all 3 of your character's rivals will meet up with you as you all journey into the heart of Paldea - the Great Crater, and its mysterious Area Zero. During a story scene at the very end of the new "The Way Home", your own Miraidon/Koraidon will activate its battle form to aid you in saving Paldea from a grave threat. Afterwards, you'll be able to switch the Pokemon between Bike and Battle forms, but what if I told you there was a second box legendary available for you to capture?

Catching the second Miraidon or Koraidon

The second Miraidon (Koraidon, in Pokemon Scarlet)

While Players will have defeated an opposing Miraidon or Koraidon during their travels, the same Pokemon you defeated will be waiting for you in the depths of Area Zero - offering you a chance to catch the second one in addition to the Miraidon/Koraidon that has been your partner for the entire game. Simply fly back to the gate leading into Area Zero and retrace your steps to the bottom of the Great Crater - you'll find the Pokemon in question hidden behind the Zero Lab, Interact with them to engage them in battle, and either capture them normally or use your brand-new Master Ball to catch it instantly.

It's great that players are given the opportunity to catch a second box legendary, as it solves the problem players might have faced in previous games where in order to properly finish the Pokedex that would mean giving up your own legendary in order to trade for the opposite versions legend. By giving players a second legendary to use, it means that anyone can trade their second Miraidon for another players second Koraidon, and vice-versa, without worrying about losing out on what has been your partner for the entire adventure. Thanks, Gamefreak!