Crisis Core Wutai Spy Locations guide

During Chapter 6 of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, you’ll be tasked with finding a series of Wutai Spies that have infiltrated life in Midgar. With this guide to the Wutai Spy locations, finding them all will be an absolute snip.

While this is an optional side quest in Crisis Core, it unlocks a unique reward and a series of new side quests - making it quite worthwhile. The quest can also be undertaken in a few later chapters - until Zack leaves Midgar for the last time in Chapter 7 (Chapter 8 in the PSP original). In this guide, we detail all of the Crisis Core Wutai Spy Locations with descriptions and screenshots, making the quest a snip. 

Crisis Core Wutai Spies guide: Where to find every Wutai Spy

Tracking down each of the Wutai Spies for your SOLDIER friend is one of many side quests you can undertake in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

To start the Crisis Core Wutai Spy quest, you'll need to talk to the SOLDIER 2nd Class NPC that's hanging around on Loveless Street, which is accessible in the areas found by exiting the Shinra Building or taking the Train from the Slums. The quest trigger is the same in both PSP Crisis Core and the remaster, Crisis Core Reunion - though the chapter numbers differ slightly between games (chapter 6 for Reunion, 7 for PSP). 

Each of the Wutai Spies you locate unlocks another side mission (Missions 4-3-1 through 4-3-6), and locating them all unlocks the Walnut Wood, a key item that you can use to great effect when you have to build a Flower Wagon for Aerith - which makes this a useful but not mandatory sidequest.

We do recommend you do it, though, if nothing else to impress Zack’s girl and unlock more side quests. This quest is tied to the Crisis Core Missables and Point of No Return - you need to complete this before you leave Midgar at the end of Chapter 7 (Crisis Core Reunion) or Chapter 8 (PSP) - after that point, this quest is no longer available - it disappears along with other Midgar quest lines including joining all 5 fan clubs and the reporter

With that said, here’s the Wutai Spy locations:

Wutai Spy #1 Location

The first Wutai Spy in Crisis Core: FF7.

This man is found in north-west Loveless Avenue - he’s wandering around, usually near the chap with the blue truck that'll be familiar to FF7 fans. He's wearing dark pants, a grey undershirt, and a dark grey jacket. He has short-cropped black hair.

When you speak to him, he's nervous, and is increasingly skittish the more you talk to him. Chat to him three times to trigger a sequence where he flees, only for him to be caught.

Wutai Spy #2 Location

This Wutai Spy has managed to steal a uniform - and he's the second you've got to rumble in the Crisis Core sidequest.

Find this spy wearing full Shinra Soldier uniform - the standard footsoldier grunt in blue - down in the Sector 5 Slums, in the area with all the shops.

He’s most often near the save point. He says he’s just a normal “Shinra trooper on patrol”, but keep talking, keep pushing, and their cover will be blown.

Wutai Spy #3 Location

The third Wutai Spy can be tricky to find - but just wait for him to emerge from the Shinra tower elevator!

Find this Wutai Spy in the Entrance Area of the Shinra building. In the entrance (where you can get a free revival potion), head up the stairs to where the elevators are at the back of the room.

The spy is in a gray suit with a checked tie. If he isn’t there, wait around, as he doesn’t start in the area, but exits the elevator after a short while. Again, speak to him multiple times to trigger the cutscene and apprehend him.

Wutai Spy #4 Location

Crisis Core's fourth Wutai Spy is this lady, found in Midgar.

This spy is a woman, and is found in Midgar proper, in the same area immediately outside the Shinra building where there’s the large, circular fountain.

Go up the stairs to the raised area; there’s a woman in quite hefty boots talking to a man. Interrupt them, and you’ll notice her dialogue is about how much money he has, which links to the clue you were given. Keep interrupting to catch this Wutai Spy in action.

Wutai Spy #5 Location

The location of the fifth Wutai Spy in Crisis Core.

For this Wutai Spy, head back to the Shinra building, and use either the fast travel at elevators or the doors on the ground floor of the entrance hall to access the Exhibition Room. This room is home to lots of nostalgia, featuring lots of exhibits familiar to FF7 fans.

The Wutai Spy is, as the clue noted, involved with the space program. There’s a black man in a three-piece suit and red tie standing in front of a model of the Shinra Rocket that in FF7 is the center of Rocket Town. Talk to him.

He openly admits to having a grudge against Shinra, and then pretty quickly admits to being a Wutai spy. How discreet!

Wutai Spy #6 Location

The sixth and final Wutai Spy Zack must track down in Crisis Core. Off you go to jail, kid.

The sixth and final of the Wutai Spies is all the way back down in the slums. You’ll need to go to the Sector 5 Market, exit to the streets, and then head through the hole blasted in the wall on your right to reach the Sector 6 Play Area.

This is the same place you hang out with Aerith in Chapter 5, and it’ll be familiar to FF7 fans as a major location for Aerith and Cloud, too.

In the playground, look out for a little kid wearing a camouflage baseball cap, alongside a pale blue shirt and jeans. As always, talk to him multiple times and blow his cover to get him arrested. What is Shinra going to do with a child spy? Better not to ask, I guess. you can now take that wood to Aerith for a wagon! Just don't tell her you sold a kid down the river for it...