Persona 3 Portable: Nozomi (Moon) social link choices & unlock guide

The Nozomi social link in Persona 3 Portable represents the Moon Acana for the male protagonist, and is one of the rare occasions when the male lead has a harder time of things than the female protagonist - as he has to make considerably more effort with Nozomi.

Nozomi has a more difficult social link to actually unlock and start, and in addition it levels up in the traditional way, which means it can take some time to max out the Nozomi social link with the ‘gourmet king’. The female MC’s Moon S-Link with Shinjiro is much easier by comparison - but this guide will still make getting to know Nozomi much easier. 

Nozomi Suemitsu S-Link Guide - Moon

The Nozomi social link in Persona 3 is regarded as one of the weaker in the series - but our guide will help you finish it quickly.

Compared to the other Moon arcana S-Link in the game, the Nozomi social link plays out in a more traditional manner - which means that the link slowly improves and ranks up as you spend time together. However, you can speed things up, as saying the right things to Nozomi will make his social link rank up more quickly. 

This guide is for Persona 3 Portable and FES; for the latest version of Persona 3, see our P3 Reload Nozomi S-Link guide instead. 

That’s what this guide is for; here, we list which of the options you’ll want to pick in order to expedite things and rank the S-Link up more quickly. Any answers listed here have bonus points that’ll help you to rank up more quickly. Dialogue not listed here has no effect, meaning you can say whatever your heart desires and it won’t impact the social link.

Remember, to get the number of points we list, you must also get the Arcana Bonus, which is achieved by having a Moon type Persona with you each time you spend time with Nozomi. Nozomi Suemitsu can be found at Paulownia Mall during the daytime, every day of the week

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Unlock & Rank 1 - The Odd Morsel Quiz:

The female version of the lead character has an easier time of their Moon relationship and the Shinjiro social link, but the male lead has a trickier time of things with unlocking Nozomi’s social link. Here’s the steps:

  • First of all, you’ll need Rank 3 in your Charm Social Stat
  • You’ll then need to use your charm to distract Nozomi from his food.
  • Then you’ll need to hand over an Odd Morsel. These items are commonly dropped from chests in Tartarus, and there’s a strong chance by the time you need one you’ll already have one.

After handing over the Odd Morsel, you’ll need to answer the following three questions correctly. This isn’t exactly as complicated as the Persona 3 school pop quiz questions - but here’s the solutions:

  1. What’s the most popular drink at the cafe over there?
    • “Pheremone Coffee.”
  2. What color is the mascot for Wild-duck Burger?
    • “Green.”
  3. What is the secret menu item at Hagakure?
    • “Hagakure Bowl.”

After this, the first rank to initiate the Nozomi S-Link is automatic.

Rank 1 > 2:

There are no choices that have an impact on your relationship with this rank.

Rank 2 > 3:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • So, how ‘bout it? Do you want to have me as a big brother?
    • “Sure, okay.” +3

Rank 3 > 4:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • So, do you ‘get me’? Why would you say I was…?
    • “You are the Gourmet King!” +3

Rank 4 > 5:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • Nozomi looks pale.
    • “Oh, are you sick?” +3

Rank 5 > 6:

  • Right, Makoto?
    • “Yeah, that’s right.” +3

Rank 6 > 7:

  • I don’t get it. I felt fine up until just a minute ago…
    • “Are you feeling sick?” +3

Rank 7 > 8:

  • Hope that wasn’t too freaky…
    • “Wiped off the face of…!?” +3

Rank 8 > 9:

  • I begged so hard for your soul that I think I even lost weight.
    • “Oh brother.” +3

Rank 9 > 10:

  • For Nozomi, there are no choices that have an impact on your relationship with this rank. Just enjoy the finale of the story and the rewards as you hit rank.