Persona 4 Golden: Riddle Master Answers List for Funky Student

Deep within the halls of Yasogami High in Persona 4 Golden, a legend resides. We're talking about the afro-wearing, smooth-talking minor NPC known as Funky Student, also known as the Riddle Master.

To satisfy the Riddle Master, you'll need to answer his questions the right way - and there's pretty good rewards along the way too.

This young chap is actually the master of four linked side quests throughout your Persona 4 adventure - and unlike with the Persona 4 Golden School Questions, the game doesn't really give you the answers and then test you on them later - these are genuinely riddles and quiz questions of a sort that it's up to you to know the answer to.

Or you can just come to us, and we'll give you all of the answers, just as we do for the S-Links on our P4G Social Link guide. So, that's what we'll do here - unravel the Riddle Master's funky puzzles.

Persona 4 Golden Riddle Master Answers for Funky Student

If you want to become the Riddle Master, you'll need to solve Funky Student's Persona 4 Golden riddles. Obviously.

The way this works is pretty simple - every now and then, Funky Student will have a new Riddle for you in the Classroom Building 3F hallway of Yasogami High School.

Each new phase of this is a new quest, and each one is made available from a certain in-game date. These are technically 4 of the 69 (don't say it, yeah) side quests available in P4. If you want solutions for every side mission, check out our Persona 4 Golden Quests guide.

Answering Funky Student's quiz questions and Riddles will bring you a step closer to being the Riddle Master, sure, but it'll also give you some valuable items that will be useful during dungeon exploration. Furthermore, participating in his riddles doesn't take up any time, which basically means these items are free, which doesn't come very often in Persona 4.

Here's all four Riddle Quests and their answers:

Who's the Riddle Master?! (Quest #1)

This riddle is available from 4/18; just chat to Funky Student to get started. Answer as follows:

  1. "Group A"
  2. "Top 6 Flag Colors".

You'll get 3 Chest Keys for your efforts.

Riddle Senpai Returns! (Quest #42)

Available from 9/2, assuming you've finished the first of the quests, you again just need to speak to Funky Student. Here's the answers:

  1. "Group A"
  2. "Human Motion"
  3. "Group B"
  4. "Indefinite Articles"

The reward for this round is 1x Snuff Soul item.

Revenge of Riddle Senpai! (Quest #55)

Available from 11/12, but only if you've cleared the previous Funky Student Riddle and proved your Riddling prowess. This time, answer as follows:

  1. "Group B"
  2. "The way they're drawn"
  3. "Promethium"
  4. "Need"

Funky Student hands over 1 Chewing Soul for your answers.

The Riddle Senpai's Encore! (Quest #64)

This funky finale is available from 1/10, though as before you must have finished all three previous Funky Student quests, as detailed above. At this final rank, here's your answer:

  1. "Uruguay"

After giving that one answer, Funky Student declares you Riddle Master and hands over 3x Soul Food - and his little storyline is over.