Persona 4 Golden Social Link guide: Dialogue options, Love Interests and full S-Link Walkthroughs

In Persona 4 Golden, you'll be tasked with solving a murder mystery - but if the game makes one thing clear, it's that you're only as strong as the bonds and friendships you have in this world. To find the truth, you'll need to have many friends - known in this game as social links - and the closer you are, the more bonuses and boosts you'll have to your power in battle and in pre-battle prep.

On this social link guide, we detail how to advance each relationship quickly and efficiently. You'll want to get to know each s-link both to experience their personality and storyline and also for the in-game bonuses - but in the world of Persona 4 your in-game days are limited, so you'll want to spend your time in a careful and efficient manner. Confidants unlock exp bonuses for Persona fusion, powerful new persona on hitting max rank, and in some cases new skills for battle. Some s-links are even directly tied to getting the true ending of Persona 4 - they're important.

On top of all this, Persona 4 Golden has a slate of romanceable characters that you can enter into a lovers relationship with - but you can only do that if you speak to them in certain ways. This guide features all of the social links in the game, so you can master each quickly.

Given that it covers every social link in Persona 4 Golden, this guide will contain spoilers of who the s-links are, and individual guides might contain some minor spoilers - but we've endeavored to keep them as vague and spoiler-free as possible.


Persona 4 Golden Social Link guide: things to know about the s-link system

Before we get to all the social link guides for each individual character, there's a few notes you should be aware of. So, let's explain...

  • Every Social Link starts in a different way. A good number of the s-links in P4G will unlock automatically as the story progresses, but a number will only begin if you seek them out, or seek out a related activity that then kick-starts the s-link. Our guides explain how to start each, but as a general piece of advice, you should explore every avenue P4 offers to you.
  • Different s-links are available to spend time with on different days; every s-link has their own location and times they appear. As a rule, however, s-links aren't available on rainy days - you should focus these days on other things.
  • Certain actions throughout the game can increase s-links outside of hanging out, such as conversation options in the story, answering the Persona 4 Golden school questions and exams correctly, or choosing to cook and share a perfect boxed lunch with an s-link.
  • Speaking to characters in the right way will give bonus points that level up your relationship more quickly. These guides list all of the s-link enhancing answers, but remember that some answers require your P4G social stats are certain levels.
  • Your maxed out s-links will play a significant role in the final stages of the game if you're shooting for the Persona 4 Golden true ending

Arcana Bonuses & S-Link Rank Ups

One absolutely key thing to keep in mind in Persona 4 is the matching arcana of the social link you're spending time with. So if you're spending time with Chie, she represents the Chariot arcana. If you have a Persona of the Chariot arcana with you when you hang out, you'll earn bonus 'points' towards your hidden Chie s-link experience stat, which in turn means you'll level up more quickly.

As a rule, you should always have a matching Persona with you when you spend time with any one of the Persona 4 Golden social link characters. This is difficult earlier in the game, when you have limited stock, but becomes easier later on as you can carry more Persona. Remember, you can always return to the Velvet Room to pull a matching Persona from the compendium before hanging out.

Persona 4 Romance: Romanceable Characters List & a note on having Multiple Girlfriends

For the avoidance of any confusion, the following are the romanceable characters with a 'lovers' s-link storyline in Persona 4 Golden: Chie (Chariot), Yukiko (Priestess), Rise (Lovers), Naoto (Fortune), Yumi or Ayane (Sun), Ai (Moon), Marie (Aeon). 

It is possible to romance more than one character within their s-link, but if you do this your lovers will eventually find out and you will be caught out. This will not negatively impact gameplay (for instance, your s-link rank and associated bonuses will remain), but you will be given an exclusive scene if you romance more than one character where you're caught and punished.

Persona 4 Golden Social Links: conversation options & ranking up every s-link

So, here we are - we come to the bulk of the guide. below, there's a list of every S-Link in the game, and a link to a page giving a full walkthrough for every rank of that relationship. Simple!

Chie Satonaka (Chariot) social link guide

Chie is the first lovers relationship option s-link you get to know, and one of the first friends you make in Inaba. You'll have plenty of time to rank up her relationship, but you'll want to do it quickly - it'll free up more time for other things, and also quickly secure some great unlocks for Chie in dungeons and battle. This guide has all that, plus how to start her romance.

Yosuke Hanamura (Magician) social link guide

You can rely on Yosuke. He can be a bit dumb sometimes, but he'll be your best buddy right the way throughout Persona 4, both inside and outside of battle. Because of that, you'll want to rank up his social link quickly to secure unlocks for Yosuke in combat and a great arcana bonus for the common Magician arcana. Here's how to do that.

Yukiko Amagi (Priestess) social link guide

The page linked goes over absolutely everything you need to know for the social link with the heir to the Amagi Inn, the red-clad Yukiko. She has some skill unlocks for battle as your story progresses, but also is a character you can make your girlfriend. The guide will help you to boost her to rank 10 quickly, and romance her if you want.

Kanji Tatsumi (Emperor) social link guide

Kanji might seem a little intimidating and unfriendly at first, but this punk really has a heart of gold - but you'll need to melt it through advancing your social link relationship. This guide features all the dialogue choices for the Kanji s-link so you can max him out to unlock that sweet Emperor arcana exp bonus and some great skills for battle.

Rise Kujikawa (Lovers) social link guide

Rise takes on a different role in the investigation team, working as your 'navigator' rather than helping in battle - but this means the skills unlocked by ranking up her s-link are more universally useful than those for other members of your investigation team. This guide helps you to rank her up quickly, but also details how to go into her lovers branch to become her boyfriend if you want.

Naoto Shirogane (Fortune) social link guide

Naoto is the final party member social link in Persona 4 Golden, but it's a tricky one: by the time you unlock Naoto's s-link, you'll have a very limited, tight amount of time to max it out. That makes this guide more important than most - it'll make sure you can get Naoto to rank 10 before the cut-off. Naoto can also be romanced, so this page covers that.

Ai Ebihara (Moon) social link guide

If truancy is your thing, Ai is the s-link for you - it's all about skipping school. Well, not all about, but this Persona 4 storyline begins with a bit of skipping class, before you learn more about Ai, who represents the Moon Arcana. This guide also details how to romance Ai and become her girlfriend - and her lovers storyline is more complicated and with more pitfalls than any other.

Yumi or Ayane (Sun) social link guide

The Sun social link in Persona 4 is different to most in that it can be with one of two characters, each with unique storylines, Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga. Both are creative, however - one hails from the Drama Club, and the other from Music Club. The above guide covers the answers and conversation options for both, plus how to make each your girlfriend.

Marie (Aeon) social link guide

Marie wasn't in the original Persona 4 at all, but she plays a fairly significant role in Persona 4 Golden, and has a lengthy s-link plot that carries a particularly important unlock: a bonus dungeon towards the end of the game which is P4G's ultimate challenge. She's also a romanceable charater if you want to go down that path - and this guide details how to max out her rank and become her lover if you choose.

Margaret (Empress) social link guide: Persona Fusion Puzzle solutions for the Empress s-link

Every s-link is a little bit different, but Margaret's is entirely unique in Persona 4 - rather than simply spending time with you, Margaret sets you missions that you have to clear by making clever and experimental use of the Persona Fusion facility that she provides. These are basically mini puzzles, and on this page we have confirmed solutions for every rank.

Fox (Hermit) social link guide: how to complete all ema requests and quests to rank up

Another quest-based s-link is with the Mysterious Fox found at Inaba's Shrine. To rank up this unusual social link with the Fox requires you complete quests around town - but you will absolutely want to, as Fox offers a powerful bonus in the TV world, offering mid-dungeon healing without having to exit the TV and advance a day. This guide has all solutions.

Daisuke or Kou (Strength) social link guide

The Strength s-link in Persona 4 is another branching one: you will get to know either Daisuke or Kou, each with different storylines - though these pair almost come as a package deal, as you will meet and hang out with both of them whoever you choose. The meeting happens at either the basketball or soccer club at school, which determines who you get. Here's all their social link ranks explained.

Naoki Konishi (Hanged Man) social link guide

Poor Naoki Konishi isn't having the greatest of times as Persona 4 begins... but through his social link you can get to know him and help to ease his pain while unlocking bonuses to help you out. This page guides you through that relationship. 

Nanako (Justice) social link guide

Becoming a big brother to Nanako in Persona 4 will happen naturally throughout its storyline, but Nanako Dojima's social link plot will allow you to get much closer - and honestly, it's one of the sweetest storylines in the game. This guide will help you to navigate it.

Ryotaro Dojima (Hierophant) social link guide

Dojima is a cop and your father figure, and he's a gruff old soul... but get to know him, and he'll soften up, revealing an unexpected hidden side. It of course also carries bonuses. This guide will help you to rank up his relationship when he's available.

Tohru Adachi (Jester) social link guide

The social link with young, bumbling cop Adachi works a little differently to most others simply because Adachi's job means he's available far less than everyone else. If you can find him he ranks up easy, but you'll need to track what days he's available... and this guide does just that, among other tips.

Sayoko Uehara (Devil) social link guide

The Devil is a nurse! Once you meet Sayoko Uehara, which is totally misable unless you do the right things, an intriguing hospital storyline unfolds. This s-link guide details how to become fast friends with Sayoko quickly.

Hisano Kuroda (Death) social link guide

The route to actually unlock and begin Hisano's s-link is a little longer than most - this guide details how to meet the representative for the death arcana and then how to get to know Hisano Kuroda as quickly as possible.

Eri Minami (Temperance) social link guide

Reluctant mother Eri Minami is your Temperance arcana social link in Persona 4. This guide explains how to meet her and how to rank up your relationship quickly.


Shu Nakajima (Tower) social link guide

Met through a specific part-time job, Shu Nakajima is a young student that represents the Tower s-link... and he needs you to inject a little normal friendship into his life. Here's how to quickly rank up.

Investigation Team, Teddie & Igor (Fool, Star, Judgement) social link guide

Three of Persona 4's social links are easily grouped together - they all level up in the same way, and it's all very easy. We've got a page on them for posterity, of course.