Persona 4 Golden: Naoto (Fortune) social link choices & unlock guide

Naoto Shirogane shows up in Persona 4 Golden quite a way into the game - and so getting to know her and maxing out her social link relationship can be a challenge. You’ll want to do so, however, to reap the benefits of the Fortune arcana she represents.

Naoto is also a character you can romance, pursuing a lovers’ path relationship with her. This guide details how to make her your girlfriend, as well as everything else. 

For more assistance with the rest of P4G’s cast, check out our full Persona 4 Golden S-Link choices guide, which covers every character. 


Naoto Shirogane S-Link Guide - Fortune

The Naoto Shirogane social link is arguably the most difficult in Persona 4 Golden, as by the time you get a chance to properly meet Naoto and start her social link, there’s very little time left to max it out before the late November cut-off for s-links - maxing it out is difficult. Luckily, this guide has every s-link rank for Naoto and all the conversation choices to level it up quickly.

On top of the time limit Naoto is a potential girlfriend in P4G - so if you want, you can romance her. Doing so is a little more complicated than most other characters, requiring you hit a few specific triggers on the way. This guide covers that.

The social link system in Persona 4 basically involves a hidden experience counter for each s-link. Eevery time you hang out, you gain some experience - but answering in ways the character likes will gain you bonus points, speeding up the rank up process. On this page, we list the ideal answers for every rank.

The number next to each answer indicates how many bonus points they reward, so higher is better. The numbers include the bonus you get when you have a Persona of Naoto’s Arana - that’s Fortune - with you when seeing her. If you don’t have a qualifying Persona, the gains will be slightly less.

  • Naoto Shirogane can be met up with on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. She’s not available on rainy days.
  • To find Naoto, visit the Classroof Building 1F on weekdays. On holidays and Sundays, she’s at the Samegawa Flood Plain area.

Rank 1:

  • While Naoto is part of your core crew, her social link doesn’t begin automatically. To obtain Rank 1, you need to wait until October 21st. 
  • From that day, you’ll be able to talk to Naoto to get a mission of sorts. Then go to the Northern Shopping District and talk to a man dressed in black near Aiya. Pick the first option, which requires Level 5 Knowledge. Then return to Naoto at school and talk to her again - this requires Level 5 Courage, and gets you Rank 1.

Rank 1 > 2:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I’d chalk it up as a prank.
    • “I’m still worried about you.” +3
  • ……….
    • Any Answer
  • I don’t know about those, but my belongings aren’t of any particular value, so…
    • “Remember that card…?” +3
    • “You should be careful.” +3

Naoto will learn the Invigorate 1 skill once your s-link hits rank 2. 

Rank 2 > 3:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Naoto is holding a sealed letter...
    • “A challenge for a duel?” +3
    • “That card business again…?” +3
  • How misleading… A sealed letter at a time like this...
    • Any Answer

Rank 3 > 4:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • For some Naoto is holding a card.
    • “That ‘Card’ again?” +3
  • I haven’t the time to waste on this...
    • Any Answer
  • But… to ignore it only makes me angry!
    • “Let’s catch him together.” +3
    • “Good luck.” +3

Naoto learns the Mind Charge ability for her Persona after your social link hits level 4.

Rank 4 > 5:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Sigh… What should I do…?  [This choice may not appear, depending on where you're at in Persona 4's main story.]
    • “Burn it.” +3
  • Eating letters with a red face…? This is...?
    • “A mailbox.” +3
  • Grampa had this? Why did he keep it…?
    • “Good, you got it back.” +3
  • I, er… I think I’ll let this lay out… And, umm, if possible…
    • “Let’s do it.” +3
    • “I guess I’ll help.” +2
    • “You’re on your own.” [Social Link Rank Down]

Rank 5 > 6:

During this rank, there is a question that contributes towards the romantic route for Naoto. If you don’t pick that option, it’s impossible for her to become your girlfriend.

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Why you, though…?
    • “Because I looked reliable.” +3
    • “Because we looked close.” +3
    • “Because I looked useless.” +3
  • When the banks close, the fruit tree grows. By the large seven at the third is the spot I chose.
    • “The numbers are important.” +3
  • ……...
    • “I’m glad you’re a girl.” [Romantic Relationship Flag 1]
    • “Your gender doesn’t matter.” [Friendship only] +3

Naoto picks up the Invigorate 2 ability after your social link with her reaches rank 6.

Rank 6 > 7:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Perhaps the ‘minus’ part is important...
    • “Subtract ‘40’ and ‘4’?” +3
  • I feel that… I’m undergoing a change.
    • “Don’t be afraid.” +3

Rank 7 > 8:

During this rank, there is once again a choice that contributes towards the romantic route for Naoto, followed immediately by the choice if you want to pursue a romantic relationship or not.

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • We may be able to catch him in the act.
    • “I feel kinda sad.” +3
    • “You seem happy.” +3
    • “Don’t put yourself at risk.” +2
  • The man brandished a knife.
    • “Protect Naoto” [Romantic Relationship Flag 2]
    • “Run with Naoto.” [Friendship Route]
    • “Fight back.” [Friendship Route]
  • Why…!? [Relationship Route, only if you picked both romance flags]
    • “Because I love you.” [Romantic Relationship]
    • “Because we’re friends.” [Friendship]

Naoto learns the Heat Riser ability after her social link reaches rank 8.

Rank 8 > 9:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • A place I’d be fond of…?
    • “Somewhere high.” +3
  • Next, what I ‘can’t stand’ to do. There are several possibilities, but…”
    • “Throwing things away?” +3

Rank 9 > 10:

This rank is broken into two branches: one for if you’re now Naoto’s boyfriend, and one for if you’re just platonic friends.

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

Romance: If Naoto is your girlfriend

  • Pick "I like it higher." to get an additional costume for Naoto from the Christmas date event.

If she's your girlfriend before 12/22 with all dungeons up to that point cleared, you can unlock an extra costume for Naoto in a special Christmas event.

Friendship: if you’re not dating Naoto

  • All choices are neutral.

When the Naoto (Fortune) social link reaches rank 10, you’ll be given the Detective Badge. This key item unlocks the fusion of the Persona Yamato-Takeru and Norn.