Persona 4 Golden: Adachi social link choices & unlock guide

One of the new s-links in Persona 4 Golden is the Tohru Adachi social link, a chance to get to know Dojima’s police colleague a little better. 

The Adachi social link is unique in that it makes use of some of the added things in P4G, like more nighttime scenes. He also has a very unique schedule that can make it hard to max out this social link - and on top of all that, there’s also a strict cut-off that you need to hit to see this s-link to the end. This guide details all of that.

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Tohru Adachi (Jester) S-Link Guide for Persona 4 Golden

The Tohru Adachi social link is different to pretty much every other s-link storyline in Persona 4 Golden, as Adachi has an unpredictable schedule that can make him difficult to track down.

Not only do you have to worry about what days he’s available, which varies week-to-week and month-to-month, but you also have to worry about what rank your social link is - as that determines if you can hang out at day or at night

In P4G, social links level up based on a stat, and you can gain extra points beyond the default to level up more quickly by answering in ways characters like. We list all of the point bonuses for Adachi here - but for this S-Link, the bigger thing is figuring out how, when and where to find him in order to hang out.

The Adachi s-link has a few different branches, some of which are connected to the different Persona 4 Golden endings like the normal, true and bad endings. On this guide, we’ll only list the ‘true’ path that happens as part of the true ending to the game - and we’ll keep it as spoiler-free as we can. It's also worth noting that to complete this s-link, you'll need to reach Rank 6 by November 1st.

Rank 1: Starting the Adachi S-Link

In order to kick off the Adachi social link, wait for 13 May. On or after that date visit Junes and speak to Adachi - you’ll be given the option to hang out with him. After some inane chatter that doesn’t impact your s-link, you’ll rank up to 1.

Understanding Adachi’s Social Link Schedule

Adachi is available on specific days throughout Persona 4 Golden’s in-game calendar, rather than on a predictable weekly schedule. Split into months, this is when Adachi is available:

  • May: Friday 13th, Friday 20th, Monday 23rd, Wednesday 25th, Friday 27th, Monday 30th
  • June: Sunday 5th, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Wednesday 15th (night only), Sunday 26th, Tuesday 28th
  • July: Saturday 2nd, Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th, Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th, Sunday 24th and Monday 25th
  • August: Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th
  • September: Saturday 1st, Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Tuesday 27th, Friday 30th
  • October: Thursday 6th, Wednesday 12th, Friday 21st, Monday 24th, Wednesday 26th
  • November: Tuesday 1st

As previously stated, Adachi appears in a different place depending on if it’s daytime or nighttime, and what time you can find him is noted on each rank below. 

  • To hang out in the daytime, find him at the Junes entrance.
  • For nighttime s-links, meet near the Gas Station at the very bottom of the South Shopping District.

Rank 1 > 2:

This is a daytime Adachi s-link. Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I live alone, so taking care of dinner can be pretty tedious.
    • Any Answer
  • Adachi doesn’t seem to lead a nutritionally balanced life...
    • Any Answer
  • And she’ll talk your ear off if you let her… it’s so annoying.
    • “That does sound annoying.” +3

Rank 2 > 3:

This is a nighttime Adachi s-link. Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Oh, uh, sorry for using you like that. You were a big help.
    • “Why don’t you come over for real?” +2
  • But Dojima-san’s still at work, right? Does that mean it’ll be just us? Isn’t that weird?
    • “I’m a good cook.” +3
    • “Nanako will be happy.” +2
  • When I was in high school, I never gave cooking a single thought.
    • Any Answer
  • But that works out when you’re a student.
    • Any Answer

Rank 3 > 4:

This is a nighttime Adachi s-link. Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I bet Dojima-san tells you all the time what a great help you are!
    • “Nope.” +2
  • Wow! You’re the best, Adachi-san!
    • “That was a surprise.” +3
    • “You like magic tricks.” +2

Rank 4 > 5:

This is another nighttime Adachi s-link rank up. Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Don’t worry about that. We have to be efficient here.
    • “You’re right.” +3
  • What about you? Don’t you have anything you want me to draw a flower on?
    • Any Answer.
  • Eeesh. That’s certainly going to put a damper on her choices.
    • Either Answer.

Rank 5 > 6:

This Adachi social link advancement takes place in the daytime. Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • But I guess that’s what it’s like for a high schooler. Enjoy it while you can.
    • Either Answer.
  • But as long as he’s here, I don’t have to talk to her, so that’s a relief.
    • Any Answer.
  • I like being alone. It’s easy, and it lets me do whatever I want.
    • “That’s true.” +3

Rank 7, 8, 9 and 10:

So long as you reach Rank 6 by November 1st, the final ranks of the Adachi Social Link will progress automatically as the P4G story progresses, and will change slightly depending on which direction you’re taking the story in. 

ADDENUDUM: A commenter points out that you must accept the option to visit Adachi alone when prompted on 12/7 in order to progress rank.