Persona 4 Golden: Fusion Solutions for the Empress Social Link - Margaret

The s-links in Persona 4 Golden are mostly built around simply hanging out with characters and getting to know them better, but some characters are more mysterious than others. One such example is the Margaret social link, from the Velvet Room - she represents the Empress arcana, and she wants something for you in order to advance your s-link relationship.

Margaret wants you to do more Persona Fusion, and so she sets you missions to bring her persona with specific abilities. Each time you complete one of her missions, which arrive in a set order, your s-link will rank up.

Completing these requests requires creative use of the Persona fusion systems and the Persona EXP bonuses granted for leveling up all of the other P4G social links. On this page, however, we make it easier - listing all of the fusion solutions for the Empress social link with Margaret.


Persona Fusion Solutions: Margaret Social Link (Empress) guide for Persona 4 Golden

We’re not going to mess you about - here’s a complete list of Persona fusion solutions for each rank of the Margaret social link in Persona 4 Golden, which represents the Empress arcana. 

For each rank you simply need to deliver the Persona Margaret wants - and with this guide, you can quickly and easily get each one, using your compendium to pull the Persona needed to make the fusion where necessary. 

Empress Rank 1: 

To activate the social link with Margaret, simply visit the Velvet Room from May 19th or later. You’ll need Level 3 Knowledge to get Margaret to pay attention to you, though.

  • This rank is a freebie, but from here on in you’ll need to earn Margaret’s approval.

Empress Rank 2: Ippon-datara with Sukukaja

For the first rank, Margaret wants to see an Ippon-datara (Hermit) with the Sukukaja skill. You must be Level 17 or higher to complete this fusion and thus this rank. Here’s some potential solutions…

  • Fuse Sylph (Temperance) with Archangel (Justice), Lilim (Devil) or Cu Sith (Sun). The second Persona in this fusion can be any of the three, but you need the Sylph with Sukukaja - the resulting Ippon-datara will inherit Sukukaja off Sylph.
  • Fuse Obariyon (Fool) with Ghoul (Death), but the Ghoul must be Level 10, as that is the level when it learns Sukukaja. A lower level won’t have the desired result.

Empress Rank 3: Matador with Mahama

Next up, you have to present Margaret with a Matador (Death) Persona with the Mahama skill. You’ll need to be at least Level 24 to accomplish this. Our suggested fusing solutions:

  • Fuse Anzu (Hierophant) with Berith (Hanged Man). You’ll need Anzu to be Level 19, as that’s when it learns Mahama, that it can then pass on.
  • Fuse Principality (Justice), Oberon (Emperor) and Saki Mitama (Priestess) to get a Matador. Make sure Principality is Level 21, so it has Mahama. 
  • Fuse Power (Justice), Oberon (Emperor) and Saki Mitama (Priestess). Mahama should come from Power.
  • Alternatively, do a triple fusion with Power (Justice), Andras (Moon) and Omoikane (Hierophant). Again, Mahama should come from Power.

If you have an opportunity here, try to get a Matador with the Rampage skill, which it gets at Level 27. That’s useful for the next rank.

Empress Rank 4: Gdon with Rampage

Rank 4 of the Empress s-link asks you to present a Gdon (Sun) with the Rampage skill. You’ll need to be level 31 to make this fusion work. Here’s some ideas on how to get it:

  • If you have that Matador (Death) from the previous rank, fuse it with Ippon-datara (Hermit). Either of these two can have Rampage, and learn it at different levels.
  • Fuse Ares (Chariot) with Shiisaa (Hieophant) - Rampage comes from Ares at Level 28.
  • Fuse Legion (Fool) with Ares (Chariot). Rampage can come from Ares, or from Legion at level 23.

Empress Rank 5: Neko Shogun with Bufula

To reach the halfway point of Margaret’s social link, you’ll need to show her a Neko-shogun (Star) with Bufula

You’ll need to be level 32 to make this work, and you’ll also need Cross Fusion, which unlocks from July 20. Fusion solutions from us:

This solution comes in two steps: 

  1. First, fuse King Frost (Emperor) with Hua Po (Magician) to get a Kusi Mitana (Strength) that can have Bufula, the skill you need.
  2. Now use Cross Fusion to fuse Ara Mitama (Chariot), Saki Mitama (Priestess), Nigi Mitama (Temperance) and that Kusi Mitama (Priestess) you just made. The resultant Neko-shogun can inherit Bufula from Kusi Mitama. 

Be sure to register this Neko-shogun with Margaret so you can pull it again later - it’ll be useful in a future rank up.

Empress Rank 6: Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja

Next up for Margaret's Persona Fusion quest is a Black Frost (Fool) with the very useful Auto-Sukukaja skill. This, again, is a two-step fusion process, and you’ll need to be at least level 38.

This is a multi-part Persona fusion solution once again

  1. Anzu (Hierophant) learns Auto-Sukukaja at Level 20. Fuse a Level 20 or higher Anzu with the skill with either Sylph (Temperance) or Apsaras (Temperance) to make a Jack Frost (Magician) with the Auto Sukukaja skill.
  2. Next perform a Cross Fusion with Pyro Jack (Magician), Jack Frost (Magician), King Frost (Emperor), Pixie (Magician) and Ghoul (Death). The Black frost that comes from this can inherit Auto Sukukaja from the Jack Frost you made.

As an aside, if you need to create a Pyro Jack here, you can with Ose and Oni, or Dis and Hua Po. 

Empress Rank 7: Yatagarasu with Megido

Next for this social link rank up is to create a Yatagarusu (Sun) with the Megido skill. You’ll need to be Level 40. Here’s a two step way to do this Persona Fusion:

This is a two-part fusion once again…

  1. Fuse Taotie (Tower) and Cu Sith (Sun). Taotie has Megido - pass it on the resulting Ares.
  2. Now fuse Ares (Chariot), which has Megido, with Black Frost (Fool) to get the Yatagarasu with Megido. 

Empress Rank 8: Yatsufusa with Mediarama

Mediarama is one of those skills everybody needs in Persona 4 Golden, and it’s key to this rank, where you need to show Margaret a Yatsufusa (Hanged Man) persona with Mediarama.

  • You can accomplish this with a Star Fusion, available July 20th. Fuse Thoth (Emperor), Orthrus (Hanged Man), Makami (Hanged Man), Narasimha (Sun) and Mothman (Hermit). Thoth gets Mediarama at Level 47, so that’s where you’ll inherit the skill from.

Empress Rank 9: Ganesha with Tetrakarn

Getting your hands on a Ganesha (Star) with Tetrakarn isn’t quite as challenging as some others on this list, but you will need to be level 50 to do this fusion. 

Our fusion solutions: 

  • Fuse Decarabia (Fool) with Cu Chulain (Tower). Decarabia will be the one to pass down the Tetrakarn skill.
  • Alternatively, use Triple Fusion to fuse Mithra (Temperance), Yatsufusa (Hanged Man) and Decarabia (Fool)
  • Or use Triple Fusion on Kaiwan (Star), Neko Shogun (Star) and Fuu-ki (Star).

Empress Rank 10: Trumpeter with Mind Charge

Here it is - the final rank. To max out your Empress social link with Margaret, simply present her with a Trumpeter (Judgment) with the Mind Charge Skill. You’ll need to be level 67 to make this fusion happen, but once you’re that level, it’s not too tough.

Here are our solutions: 

  • Do a large fusion of Matador (Death), White Rider (Death), Daisoujou (Hierophant), Pabilsag (Emperor), Taown (Hanged Man) and Taotie (Tower). Taotie has Mind Charge from Level 38. 

Margaret now trusts you deeply, and you’ve shown some seriously creative Persona fusion skills. She’ll reward you with the Spiral Brooch item that’ll let you fuse Isis, but that’s not all! Check in with Margaret after the s-link max rank to receive a new costume - the Deep Blue Clothes.