Persona 4 Golden Endings guide: how to unlock the true ending and secret dungeon

Multiple endings are something of a Persona series tradition, and Persona 4 Golden has a different potential endings - but only one true ending, the good ending. To get to that you few have to first navigate to the normal ending - then jump through some extra hoops on top of that. 

On this handy little guide we explain how to see all of the story content right through to the True Ending and Epilogue of Persona 4 Golden, plus detail on the secret extra dungeons and boss battles - which do differ a little to the original PS2 version of Persona 4. 

We’ve tried to present the path to the True Ending in as spoiler-free a way as possible, but given the nature of this guide, it will contain minor, context-free spoilers...


How to get the Normal and True Ending in Persona 4 Golden

In order to get the best possible ending in Persona 4 Golden, you’ll have to control your temper. The ending you get will depend upon some choices you make during the story - a single moment which can determine if the game ends early or goes on for many more hours…

As the story of P4G progresses, you will eventually find yourself facing a big choice on December 3 (12/3). When this choice rolls around, you’ll have to answer in a specific way to determine your ending.

To avoid the bad ending, answer as follows when prompted - there are seven dialogue choices in a row, so we’re numbering them to leave them as vague as possible:

  1. Any Choice
  2. Wait a second here…
  3. We’re missing something.
  4. Their true feelings.
  5. Something’s been bothering me.
  6. We’re missing something…
  7. Calm the hell down!

If you answer differently, the game till time-skip forward to March 20 and you’ll experience the Bad Ending of Persona 4 Golden. If you answer correctly, you’ll roll on to December 5 with a new objective - and be on your way to the True Ending. 

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Much later on, you’ll have to name who the True Killer is - and this leads towards the full ending. You can detour to a bad ending again here, but based on the research you’ve been doing in-game, you will know the answer. 

You’ll have the option to tell your friends about your suspicions as to the killer’s identity. If you don’t do this, there’s a unique ending, but it is not the good ending.

This leads to one final dungeon and sets you on the final road for the True Ending.

How to get the True Ending Epilogue in Persona 4 Golden

In order to get the True Ending in Persona 4 Golden, you need to max Marie's Aeon Social Link within a time limit. That limit is before you complete the Magatsu Inaba dungeon in December. It is recommended to complete the dungeon by December 22 (for Christmas Date reasons), so make sure Aeon is maxed before you finish the Magatsu Inaba dungeon.

Once you’ve seen off the events of Persona 4 in full, time will fast forward to March. This is where your final decision about an ending lies. You’re guaranteed the normal, good ending because you solved the mystery, but if you want the true ending, you need to act in a specific way during this final day of the game.

Specifically, you’ll be tasked with talking to everybody who you’ve got a maximum rank social link with before you leave town. This should be most s-link characters if you followed our P4G social link guide.  Here’s everybody’s locations, for the record:

  • Chariot / Chie, Lovers / Rise, Tower / Shu, Aeon / Marie: Shopping District South
  • Priestess / Yukiko: The Amagi Inn, reached via the Bus Stop.
  • Devil / Sayoko: The Hospital, reached via the Bus Stop.
  • Temperance / Eri: The Day Care, reached via the Bus Stop.
  • Hermit / Fox: The Shrine, Shopping District North
  • Emperor / Kanji, Strength / Athletes, Hanged Man / Naoki: Shopping District North
  • Justice / Nanako, Hierophant / Dojima: Outside Dojima’s house; speak to papa Dojima and pick the second option.
  • Magician / Yosuke, Star / Teddie: Junes Food Court
  • Death / Hisano: Riverbank
  • Moon / Ai: School 1F
  • Fortune / Naoto: School Learning Building 1F
  • Sun / Music or Drama: The Club Venue, School

Once you’ve talked to everyone, at that point the game will tell you to ‘return to your house and get ready for tomorrow’ - do not do this!

Instead, select ‘No’, then return to the Junes Food Court. Examine the elevator. Refuse to go home again, selecting ‘No’, and then select ‘I’m not finished yet’ and ‘Yes’. Finally, pick ‘There’s something missing’. 

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Next, head to the Riverbank to speak to Dojima and Nanako for another scene. Then head to the Velvet Room to get the Orb of Clarity from Igor. On a second play-through on New Game+, this scene also unlocks a secret boss. 

Head to the Shopping District South and to the gas station. Speak to the attendant. Keep talking until you get the choices right to learn something about the attendant; you can now access the unique dungeon Yomotsu Hirasaka.

You can now head to the Midnight Channel and beat the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon to learn the ultimate truth. Once you enter the midnight channel, it’s a point of no return - so you might want to ensure your equipment and such is as you want it first.

Defeat the final, final boss to get the true, ultimate ending to Persona 4 Golden. 

Unlocking the other Ultimate Challenges: Hollow Forest Dungeon and Margaret’s Secret Boss

As a side note, there are two more ultimate challenges you can unlock if you so wish. They have no bearing on the ending you receive, but they’re worth making a note of:

  • Hollow Forest is a unique secret dungeon associated with Marie. This was added to the ‘Golden’ version of Persona 4, and is unlocked by maxing out Marie’s Social Link relationship. It has extra story and is the most challenging dungeon in the game.
  • Margaret’s Super Boss Battle is only available in New Game Plus. You’ll need to go through towards the True Ending in your second play-through just the same, but then visit the Velvet Room twice towards the end - once to get the Orb of Clarity from Igor, and once again to visit Margaret. She’ll give you an item that will explain how to challenge Persona 4 Golden’s ultimate battle. 
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