Persona 4 Golden: Social Link Unlocks for Fool, Star and Judgement - Investigation Team, Teddie & Igor 

Developing relationships is at the very core of Persona 4 Golden, but not all Social Links are born equal - some are decidedly more simple than others. Such is the case for the Fool, Star and Judgement arcana.

These S-Links are different from the others in P4G in that they all level up in a different way. Rather than you having to dedicate time to level them up and hang out with them, answering conversation choices to speed up the process. For help with those more complex S-Links, be sure to check our full Persona 4 Golden Social Link & conversation choices guide.

But what of the remaining three? Well, the Investigation Team (Fool), Teddie (Star) and Judgment (Igor) S-Links all level up in a slightly different way. Like Persona 4’s school exams, certain things just occur on certain dates - while other rank ups are tied to story events. Regardless, all have rewards of their own. We list all those here. 


Investigation Team (Fool) Social Link Relationship Guide

Whereas every other social link in Persona 4 Golden represents a particular individual you come into contact with throughout your adventure, the Fool Arcana S-Link, Investigation Team, instead represents a group.

As the little group of friends you hang out with grows from just the protagonist, Yosuke and Chie into a much larger group, the Investigation Team social link will level up. Each rank will improve your ability to fuse Fool Arcana Persona.

This S-Link doesn’t require any interaction from you. It levels up on the following dates, and when you hit the maximum rank, you’ll unlock the powerful Persona Loki.

  • Rank 1: 4/17

  • Rank 2: 4/30

  • Rank 3: 5/18

  • Rank 4: 6/6

  • Rank 5: 7/10

  • Rank 6: 7/10

  • Rank 7: 7/27

  • Rank 8: 10/6

  • Rank 9: 11/6

  • Rank 10: 12/3

Teddie (Star) Social Link Relationship Guide

Teddie is another individual and is even part of your core squad, but he’s a little different to the rest in that you don’t have to dedicate time to spending time with him in order to rank up his social link. Which, given how limited time is in P4G, is beary fortunate. 

Teddie’s S-Link levels up through a combination of specifically dated events and specific story events - we’ll try to keep the latter vague. All the ranks are unmissable if you’re on track for the normal or true ending of Persona 4 Golden. Here’s when you can expect him to level up, and what’s unlocked for him as a result.

  • Rank 1: Event on 6/24

  • Rank 2: After clearing the Marukyu Striptease dungeon. Unlocks Auto Rakukaja.

  • Rank 3: Event on 7/26

  • Rank 4: After finishing the Void Quest dungeon. Unlocks Recarm ability.

  • Rank 5: Event on 9/8

  • Rank 6: Event on 10/7. Unlocks the Marakunda ability.

  • Rank 7: Event on 10/11. 

  • Rank 8: Event on 10/30. Unlocks the Samarecarm ability.

  • Rank 9: After clearing the Heaven Dungeon. 

  • Rank 10: Event on 12/5 - only available on the Normal or True Ending branches. Unlocks the Evade Electric ability.

Once you reach Rank 10 you’ll be able to fuse Kamui and Helel, a pair of powerful Persona. 

Judgment (Igor) Social Link Relationship Guide

Like the other social links gathered on this page, the Judgement S-Link, represented by Igor, levels up automatically - and it does so very, very quickly.

In order to unlock this social link you’ll need to go for the normal or true ending path, which involves making a specific decision on December 3. Our advice for that is simply not to make a rash decision, as it’ll result in a bad ending - but if you want to know more, we’ve got a full Persona 4 Golden True Ending guide that details the branch in full.

Once this S-Link begins, it progresses automatically as follows:

  • Rank 1: 12/3

  • Rank 2: 12/4

  • Rank 3: 12/4

  • Rank 4: 12/5

  • Rank 5: 12/5

  • Rank 6: 12/6

  • Rank 7: 12/7

  • Rank 8: 12/7

  • Rank 9 & 10: Clear Magatsu Town Dungeon. Unlocks fusion of the Persona Lucifer.