Persona 4 Golden: Naoki Konishi (Hanged Man) social link choices & unlock guide

Naoki Konishi is a bit of a tragic figure throughout Persona 4 Golden, but one way to improve his lot in life a little is by maxing out the Naoki Konishi social link, which represents the Hanged Man Arcana in game. 

Leveling up each and every social link in P4G is important as it unlocks handy bonuses for fusion around the associated arcana, but in a way the relationships and their storylines are the main incentive and reward: by getting to know the story of Konishi, you'll understand Inaba and the story of Persona 4 a little better. The problem is, getting to know characters takes time - and if you want to get to know everyone quickly, you need to know what to say and when.

This page is here to help you with that, listing all the s-link ranks and conversation choices for the relationship with Konishi. For similar help with all other characters, check out our full P4G Social Link guide.


Naoki Konishi S-Link Guide - Hanged Man

This guide will cover the entire Naoki Konishi Social Link in Persona 4 Golden, telling you all of the conversation options and things you can say to advance your relationship with him a little bit more quickly. Doing so carries an ultimate unlock for Persona fusion, plus those handy fusion EXP bonus boosts along the way.

Social Links in Persona 4 advance by building a hidden social EXP stat for each character. This stat raises when you spend time with characters, and speaking to them in the right way can grant bonus points that speed up the process. On this guide, we tell you the optimum answers to rank up this s-link fast.

All of the choices are listed with points alongside them, showing how many bonus points each answer rewards. These numbers include a persona affinity bonus earned for having a Persona of the correct arcana - in this case Hanged Man - with you when you spend time with Konishi, so make sure you do that.

  • Spend time with Naoki Konishi on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, except when it’s raining.
  • Konishi can be found in the first floor of the main school building, and in the North side of the shopping district on holidays.

Rank 1:

  • From June 8, you’ll be able to find Naoki on the first floor of your school. Speak to him, and then keep coming back to him daily. After returning to speak to him several times in a row, this social link initiates. 

Rank 1 > 2:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I usually eat here a lot because it's so close to our place, but for some reason, I haven't eaten here recently.
    • “Tired of the food?” +3
    • “Too busy?” +3
    • “Because of the murder?” +2
  • I mean… what exactly is an ‘admirable life’ anyway?
    • “I don’t know.” +3
    • “Making your parents happy.” +3
    • “Contributing to society.” +2

Rank 2 > 3:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Naoki is laughing like he’s having a good time.
    • “Ask him to tell another story.” +3
    • “Tell an American joke.” +3
    • “Tell your own joke of failure.” +3
  • Naoki is biting his lip…
    • “I’ll go tell them off.” +3
    • “You're not saying anything?” +3

Rank 3 > 4:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Naoki looks distressed...
    • “Talk back to the lady,” +3 (Level 4 Courage required)
    • “Flatter the lady.” +3 (Level 4 Expression required)
  • I’m sorry… it’s a little awkward to be around me, huh?
    • “It’s not your fault.” +3

Rank 4 > 5:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • ......
    • “That’s a good idea.” +3
  • ...I have to do it.
    • Any Choice.

Rank 5 > 6:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • They got all suspicious of me suddenly. I wasn’t expecting that at all.
    • Any Answer
  • Am I really that pitiable…?
    • “You’re not the only one.” +3
    • “I know what they mean.” +3

Rank 6 > 7:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I wanted to apologize for that.
    • “I don’t mind.” +3
    • “Last time?” +3

Rank 7 > 8:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Ironic, isn’t it?
    • Either Choice.
  • Yosuke-san sure is nosy. Oh wait, so are you...
    • “We can’t just ignore you.” +3
    • “Don’t lump me in with him. +3

Rank 8 > 9:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Because I wasn’t able to cry like the actors on TV, I thought that maybe I didn’t actually like sis...
    • “People are different.” +3
    • “That’s not true.” +3
    • “You’re just inept.” +3
  • She must’ve wanted to live more, huh?
    • Any Choice
  • Naoki is biting his lip…
    • “Just let it all out, Naoki.” +3 (Level 5 Understanding needed)
    • “She can hear you.” +3

Rank 9 > 10:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • It’s all thanks to you.
    • “I didn’t do anything.” +3
    • “That’s right. Be grateful.” +2

Maxing out your s-link with Naoki Konishi will get you the Junes Receipt item. This will let you fuse the persona Attis.