Persona 4 Golden: Shu Nakajima (Tower) social link choices & unlock guide

There’s a very eclectic cast in Persona 4 Golden, and each represents a different arcana for fusion and the like. The social link with young student Shu Nakajima represents the Tower arcana in P4G.

This page has full assistance for the Shu s-link, including how to start it and dialogue options for every s-link rank so you can get to know Nakajima as quickly as possible. For similar help with other characters, use our complete Persona 4 Golden social link guide


Shu Nakajima S-Link Guide - Tower

The Tower Shu Nakajima social link sees you take on a role as a private tutor to a sheltered student, with the boy learning about himself through your intervention. That’s sweet, but this guide features all of the conversation options so you can boost your relationship to rank 10 and get the rewards as quickly as possible. There should be something in it for you, too!

In Persona 4 Golden, your s-links rank up based on a hidden counter that grows when you spend time with that character - but you can speed up growth by saying the right thing to certain characters at the right time. That’s what this page is here for - to help you to make the right decisions. 

The point values you see next to answers show you how many bonus points each answer gives towards your next s-link rank - the more, the better. The numbers include an Arcana bonus given when you also have a Persona of the right arcana with you - in this case, always bring one Tower Persona in your stock when spending time with Shu.

  • Shu is visited via a part-time job, and you’ll be able to do that job and see him on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - but not rainy days. 

Rank 1:

  • To get this social link started you need a specific one of the Persona 4 part-time jobs - you’ll need to apply for the Tutor Job, which requires Level 5 Understanding. The Tutor Job is available from May 25.

Choices for this rank:

  • If I think you’re inadequate, I’ll have you replaced immediately. Remember that.
    • Any Answer.
  • You feel confident that you should teach him:
    • Math (Expression & Knowledge Stat up)
    • English (Expression & Knowledge Stat up)
    • PE (Diligence, Expression & Knowledge Stat up)

Rank 1 > 2:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • ...if I get into a good college… am I really “set”?
    • Any Answer
  • you know what that means?
    • “Sure I do.” +2
  • Huh… time’s already up. We were still in the middle of that last question…
    • “I’ll stay and help you.” +2 (Level 5 Diligence required)

Rank 2 > 3:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • What do you think of your school?
    • “It’s boring.” +3
    • “It’s strict.” +2
  • …...
    • “Well, it is the countryside.” +3

Rank 3 > 4:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • They don’t get what it means to learn at all.
    • “That’s just how it is.” +2
  • That place...
    • “You’re not the only one.” +2 (Courage Stat up)

Rank 4 > 5:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Is there any bullying at your school?
    • “No, there isn’t.” +2
  • Maybe that’s not the same thing as bullying.
    • “Put some effort into it.” +3
  • It seems that I’ve been talking to you about things that aren’t relevant to my studies….”
    • “It’s not like you.” +2
    • “I don’t mind.” +2 (Understanding stat up)

Rank 5 > 6:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Sigh...
    • Either Answer
  • ...They’re all stupid.
    • Either Answer
  • Um… you only come here because you’re being paid to, right?
    • “That’s not it.” +3
    • “That’s just one reason.” +2

Rank 6 > 7:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • I wish I was a genius.
    • Any Answer
  • Let’s change the subject to something else. What’s up?
    • “What I like in a girl is…” +3 (Courage stat up)
    • “About these murders…” +2 (Expression stat up)
    • “The other day at school… (Expression stat up)
  • Rank 7 > 8:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Is it possible for anyone to be all those things? Do you know anyone like that?
    • “This guy.” +3
  • ..Every time I have that dream, the person gets one car closer to me.
    • Any Answer
  • Shu suddenly looks tormented.
    • “Cheer him up.” +3
    • “Ask him what he’s worried about.” +2

Rank 8 > 9:

Before getting to Rank 9, you have to see one additional scene at Shu's house were you won't be able to progress the s-link right away.

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Today… is my birthday. I forgot...
    • Any Answer
  • Shu looks sad...
    • Any Answer
  • First, you need…
    • Any Answer
  • Shu begins to sob…
    • Any Answer
  • Shu begins to cry again.
    • Any Answer

Rank 9 > 10:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

  • Thank you for recognizing… “me”. I wouldn’t have been able to talk to mom if you hadn’t. 
    • “No, it’s all of you.” +3
    • “I am proud of you.” +3

If your social link with Shu Nakajima hits the maximum rank, you’ll get the top tier of Persona fusion bonus and the Test Results key item, which will let you fuse Shiva.