In Fire Emblem Engage, Horse Manure is the ultimate gift

A core part of recent titles in the Fire Emblem series has been getting to know and cosying up to the wide-ranging cast of characters of each game - and in Fire Emblem Engage, you've got another way to do that. It involves Horse Manure.

Okay, well, not really, not quite. But of all the items you can pick up in Fire Emblem Engage and offer to characters as a gift, undoubtedly the most ridiculous and vaguely obscene is Horse Manure. And if you choose to give it as a gift, you might get some surprising reactions.

You can find Horse Manure in a lot of places, but if you really want to get your hands on some, try the stables on Fire Emblem Engage's home base, Somniel,

In Fire Emblem Engage, Horse Manure can be found at random out in the world and in post-battlefield exploration, but is most quickly and easily found right at home on Somniel - every fewnow and then, there'll be an item prompt right in front of the on-site stables. This isn't an interactive point, but it's found near the Training Yard where you can do Strength Training - and it's also where we've been able to 'farm' Horse Manure over time. It's not exactly a rare item, but it's also not there all the time, either.

"Ordinary horse manure," the item description reads. "That's it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?"

Why indeed. Well, we can think of a reason or two... If a character lets you down in battle, if you just plain don't like them, or if you just want to do it for yucks, chat to any character on Somniel and choose to give a Horse Manure as a 'gift'. 

Once you've got some Horse Manure, pick a special friend... and hand it over. Enjoy. That's all there is to it.

Horse Manure appears to elicit a unique response from each of the cast of Fire Emblem Engage, and it also appears to be the only item that all characters universally hate, for obvious reasons. If there is anyone who secretly loves it, we've not discovered them yet!

Feel free to give it, though - it won't do any negative damage to your relationships - it'll just elicit a funny and unique response. In fact, it still counts as a gift, so it can still move the needle towards you getting your next support conversation, really. It just won't move the needle as much as giving a favored gift will. But what do you expect? It's poo!

If you'd rather give a nicer gift, don't forget to check out our Fire Emblem Engage Gifts guide, which lists the best gifts for each character to help you to impress everybody.

Other than that, we haven't discovered any other use for Horse Manure in Engage... so it does appear to mostly be in there for yucks. And, seriously, give it away - who wants to carry that around in their pocket?