Fire Emblem Engage Donations Rewards & Unlocks

In Fire Emblem Engage, you and the residents of Somniel are working to save the continent of Elyos - but this world is not just one homogeneous glob. Instead, it's made up of four unique and different kingdoms, each of which you'll get to know over the game. And further, you'll be tasked with helping those states in a number of ways, including through Kingdom Donations, where you send money to each country and nation to help them out.

Money is precious in Fire Emblem Engage, and so many fans are left wondering how worthwhile Donations are, when they should donate, and exactly what the Donation Rewards are. Luckily for you, this guide is here to help you through just that - so here's everything you need to know about donations and their rewards.

The Donation Rewards are a huge part of powering up in Fire Emblem Engage, and our guide will help you to plan who to donate to and when.

How to Donate to Countries (and why you should)

The ability to donate to the countries of Fire Emblem Engage will unlock relatively early in the game, and can be undertaken from the Cafe Terrace within Somniel from that point. The game will pop a tool-tip the first time you load into Somniel when the feature is available - and once that's appeared, you're free to donate.

Once you've become acquainted with one of the nation states in Engage, you'll be able to donate to them. The donations are expensive and get gradually more expensive as you rank up each Kingdom; they'll start at Level 1, and are maxed out at Level 5. It'll cost 90,000 Gold to get an individual country to Level 5 - and to max everything out you'll need to do that four times. That's a lot of dough! Our guide on how to respawn skirmishes to grind will help you to rack up a lot of gold.

This sounds hugely expensive, and it is, but it's still worthwhile. Leveling up each nation with donations will net you a one-off reward for the rank up, plus a passive and permanent boost to the rewards you'll get for completing missions and skirmishes within that nation. This is hugely helpful as you progress - and in the end, more useful than having the cash in your back pocket. 

You can donate in installments, or all at once - so if you need to contribute 25,000 G, for instance, you can save up and do it all at once or chip it in a few thousand at a time. The choice is yours.

Fire Emblem Engage Donation Rewards & Levels

You have a choice of how much cash to donate - and so you can donate in installments, if you wish.

As previously mentioned, there are five donation levels for each of the four nations. Once you 'meet' each Kingdom, they'll start at Level 1, and from there:

  • It costs 5000 G to reach Level 2
  • Then 10,000 G to reach Level 3
  • Then 25,000 G to hit Level 4
  • And 50,000 G to max out at Level 5

The rewards you get vary from one nation to the next, and are listed in full below. You'll be able to get valuable materials for many of Fire Emblem Engage's important side activities such as cooking and upgrading weapons, plus all-new weapons and clothing options.

All of the instant rewards obtained for each Kingdom Rank are included below - but remember, equally important is the huge passive upgrade you'll get to the drops from battles and post-battle exploration in the nation in question. It also raises the chance of Gold and Silver corrupted spawning within battles in that state.

The game's menus make this clear, listing what you'll get more of passively through battles and exploration by raising the level. If you plan to grind a lot in Brodia, for instance, it makes sense to level it up with some Kingdom Donations first. 

Firene Donation Rewards

Firene is the first nation you'll find, and donating there will net cooking ingredients and Spears, among other things

Firene is the first kingdom you'll get to tackle in Fire Emblem Engage, and so it's also the first that you'll have the opportunity to rank up. Choosing to donate and improve Firene will at first cough up some cooking ingredients, and later ranks will offer useful other things such as Bond Fragments and Spear-type weapons.

Firene Donation Rank Level 2:

  • Cooking Ingredients - 5x each: Onion, Cabbage, Herb, Tomato, Potato, Wheat Flour, Apple, Orange, Peach, Grapes, Berries, Nuts
  • Cooking Ingredients - 10x each: Rare Vegatable, Rare Fruit
  • 500 Bond Fragments

Firene Donation Rank Level 3:

  • Steel Lance
  • Floral Set
  • 1000 Bond Fragments

Firene Donation Rank Level 4:

  • Spear 
  • 2x Mere Donkey
  • 2000 Bond Fragments 

Firene Donation Rank Level 5:

  • Venomous (Spear)
  • Oceanic Set
  • 3000 Bond Fragments

Brodia Donation Rewards

Ranking up Brodia by making donations to this mountain Kingdom will offer you appropriate materials given its location - some ores and other materials that'll be useful to you if you plan to do a lot of weapon upgrading.

Brodia Donation Rank Level 2:

  • 10x Iron
  • 500 Bond Fragments

Brodia Donation Rank Level 3:

  • Wo Dao
  • Cliff Set
  • 3x Steel
  • 1000 Bond Fragments

Brodia Donation Rank Level 4:

  • Brave Sword
  • 2x Rutile Marmot
  • 1x Silver
  • 2000 Bond Fragments

Brodia Donation Rank Level 5:

  • Divine Fist Art
  • Mica Set
  • 2x Silver
  • 3000 Bond Fragments

Elusia Donation Rewards

Donating to Elusia will net you some new outfits and healing spells, among other things.

Elusia has a range of items for you to accept when you level up your donation rank with the home of Hortensia - including some useful items for healing. Here's what you'll get at each Donation Rank:

Elusia Donation Rank Level 2:

  • Physic
  • 500 Bond Fragments

Elusia Donation Rank Level 3:

  • Bolganone
  • Snowy Set
  • 1000 Bond Fragments

Elusia Donation Rank Level 4:

  • Fortify
  • 2x Vervain Deer
  • 2000 Bond Fragments

Elusia Donation Rank Level 5:

  • Nodus (Staff)
  • Starry Set
  • 3000 Bond Fragments

Solm Donation Rewards

Much like the very first Kingdom, the late-game location of Solm comes full circle and provides you with a whole bunch of cooking ingredients as you level it up, plus a bunch of other useful items including a series of powerful Axes at each Donation Rank above the second.

Solm Donation Rank Level 2:

  • Cooking Ingredients - 5x each: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Mutton, Herring, Salmon, Cod, Eeel, Milk, Eggs, Rice
  • Cooking Ingredients - 10x each: Rare Fish
  • 500 Bond Fragments

Solm Donation Rank Level 3:

  • Brave Axe
  • Dune Set
  • 1000 Bond Fragments

Solm Donation Rank Level 4:

  • Silver Greataxe
  • 2x Tartu Flamingo
  • 2000 Bond Fragments

Solm Donation Rank Level 5:

  • Fragarach (Axe)
  • Dusk Set
  • 3000 Bond Fragments