Octopath Traveler II: Waiting All Day and Night location & guide

Sometimes sidequests have the simplest solutions in RPGs, and Octopath Traveler II is no different. While players might be left scratching their heads about how to solve a family's problem in the side quest Waiting All Day and Night, with a few observations you can clear the quest almost instantly, provided you have the right Path Actions.

The Waiting All Day and Night side quest is a curious little puzzle - and we'll help you to solve it and check another off the Octopath Traveler 2 quest log.

Where to find and how to solve the "Waiting All Day and Night" Side Quest

In Canalbrine, on the Eastern edge of the Western continent, players can find a young man sitting alone at a table, with a quest attached to him; upon interacting with him, you'll unlock the 'Waiting All Day and Night' side quest, along with the information that he has been waiting for his brother for quite some time now. He's also absolutely certain that he is waiting in the right location.

It's that last part that's important; but even more than that, if you speak with the older man nearby, he'll note that the young man sits at the same table all day, and all night, with the sole exception of dawn and sunset. So what's going on here?

Well, change the time in front of the young man and look closely at what happens, and the predicament will immediately become clear; it's not that the brothers are waiting at different locations, but rather they've been waiting at the same location - but at different times!

The solution to the Waiting All Day and Night quest is simpler than it first appears.

From here, you'll need either Temenos' Guide Path Action, Agnea's Allure Path Action, Portitio's Hire Path Action or Ochette's Befriend Path Action; simply convince one of the two brothers to journey with you, and change the time of day.

Upon speaking to the other brother they'll instantly realize what had happened, and you'll receive the spoils for a job well done! Quest complete - simple!

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