Octopath Traveler II EX Skills unlock guide

Each of the lead characters in Octopath Traveler II has access to a wide range of abilities - though among the most iconic for each character are the EX Skills, powerful headline skills that you have to go to extra effort to unlock.

The majority of skills in Octopath Traveler 2 are simply attached to the various job classes in the game, which means that when you unlock a secondary job you can transfer them to a second character, and they're learned with JP. EX Skills are different, however - exclusive to each core character and their primary job. On this page, we explain each EX Skill and how to unlock them.

Octopath Traveler EX Skills Location & Unlock guide

EX Skills are powerful, and well worth taking the time to unlock.

EX Skill are exclusive abilities belonging to each traveler’s primary job. Each character has several of them, and they're unlocked in slightly different ways. These skills are powerful enough to move the needle on things like picking the best party and choosing your job combinations - they're important.

The first ability is unlocked by examining hidden shrines placed all over world. The shrines are usually close to the traveler’s starting region. You must also have the right characters in your party when examining these statues to get their EX Skill.

Meanwhile, the second EX Skill is unlocked by finishing the traveler’s main story. When trying to discover the hidden shrine on your own, the shrine will be displayed on the World Map if you come close to it. But it is still easily missed.

Here's a list of all EX Skills and their locations to unlock them:

A map of the world of Octopath Traveler 2, revealing the location to unlock all EX Skills.

Osvald EX Skills

  • Teach: Grant a single ally your attribute-raising effects for 2 (3,4,5 when boosted) turns.
  • One True Magic: Deal highly powerful magic damage that transcends the elements to all foes, and reduce their Shield Points regardless of their weak points.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to Winterbloom; head west, then until you see a bridge. Walk through the ice below the bridge, you will find the Altar of the Scholarking hidden under the bridge. 

Castti EX Skills

  • Drastic Measures: Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe and nullify their status ailments and enfeebling effects. The more you nullify, the more potent the attack.
  • Remedy: Grant a random ally 3 (5,7,9 when boosted) positive status effects.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to the town of Conning Creek and then take the west exit to Western Conning Creek Coast. Keep moving north until you reach the next map to Northern Conning Creek Coast. From here, just keep moving east, you will discover the Altar of the Charitable at the end.

Throné EX Skills

  • Disguise: Disguise as an ally for 2 (4,6,8 when boosted) turns.
  • Veil of Darkness: Deal dark-based damage to all foes, and dodge 1 physical attack with a 100% success rate.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to the town of Clockbank. Then leave through the south exit to Sothern Clockbank Highroad. Go to the dock directly south, and you will find a hidden cave directly south of the river. There you will find the Altar of the Prince of Thieves.

Ocette EX Skills

  • Indomitable Beast: Raise your physical attack, evasion, and speed for 3 (5,7,9 when boosted) turns.
  • Provoke Beasts:  Select 3 (4,5,6 when boosted) monsters and provoke them in order.
  • Shrine Location:  In the path between the Beasting Bay ship dock and the town of Tropu’hopu. You will find the Altar of the Huntress located south from the path towards Tropu’hopu.

Partitio EX Skills

  • Share SP: Grant a single ally 25% (50%, 75%, 100% when boosted) of your remaining SP.
  • Negotiate Schedule: Pay a single foe to let you act during their turn.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to the Western Wildlands Harbor. Then head north one map, and navigate all the way east, through all the tunnels to find the Altar of the Trader. 

Agnea EX Skills

  • Windy Refrain: Deal wind-based damage to all foes, and cause your allies to act first on the next turn.
  • Song of Hope: Extends the party's current buffs by 1/2/3/4 turns. This does not affect divine skills.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to the town of Wellgrove. Then leave through the east exit on Eastern Wellgrove Trail. Go down and look for a path under the bridge and head north towards Northern Wellgrove Trail. In this passage, go north until you encounter a save point, then go right until the route splits. Go down south to find a large tree with a signpost next to it. Go around the tree to find a hidden cave. Inside you will find the Altar of the Lady of Grace.

Temenos EX Skills

Note: Temeno's EX Skills names will change when boosted. 

  • Heavenly Shine: Consume all your SP, then deal light-based damage to all foes. The more SP consumed, the more potent the attack.
  • Prayer for Plenty: Restore HP to a single ally, ignoring their max HP.
  • Shrine Location:  This is located in the same location on where you get the Cleric License. Heading West from the nearby town of Montwise and use the signpost to  navigate until you reach the church. When you're inside, examine the door behind bookshelf to find the Altar of the Flamebringer.

Hikari EX Skills

  • Ultimate Stance: Extend the reach of your Attack to all foes for 3 (5,7,9 when boosted) turns.
  • Shinjumonjigiri: Unleash a sword attack on all foes, then a powerful sword attack on a single foe.
  • Shrine Location: Travel to the town of Sai. Then take the south exit to Southern Sai Sands. Follow the passage southeast until you reach Eastern Sai Sands. Then head directly south from the save point to find the Altar of the Thunderblade.