Atelier Ryza 3 Spirit Beasts Guide - Where to find and how to unlock the Land Beast and Water Beast

Not only is Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key a much larger and more open game compared to the previous entries in the series; but it's more complex, too. Adding a wrinkle to things is the addition of waterfalls you can climb and special boulders that your gathering tools are incapable of clearing - both of which necessitate the taming of additional spirit beasts for your Summoner's Bell. Which quests lock these beasts behind them might be tricky to discover at first glance; but thankfully we've gone through the process of unlocking both for you. Here's everything you need to know!

How to Unlock the Water Beast

The first of the two new beasts that you'll be able to tame is the Water Beast. For this one, unlocking it is simple; pick up the Ruffian in the Waterfall quest on Kurken Island. You'll be tasked with dealing with enemies in the Kark Isles, and doing so will unlock the Water Beast for your own use. You'll want to make use of your new friend to find the last of the Puni Statues in the same region if you've yet to do so, as well.

How to Unlock the Land Beast

The other of the new beasts you can ride you won't be able to tame until you're a considerable portion into the game. Not only is the quest to tame it in the Nemed Region - meaning you'll have to complete the entirety of the Cleria Region storyline first - but the World Quest chain that unlocks the Land Beast does not appear to unlock until after you've visited the region following Nemed.

The World Quest in question you'll want to pick up is, appropriately titled, The Land Beast. Chase its trail to the forest on the eastern side of the map, complete a battle, and much like with the Water Beast the Land Beast will now be yours. You can use its ability to blast special rock piles away to continue the World Quest chain, but you'll also be able to access new areas in other maps across the game world.

Now that you've got both new spirit beasts, feel free to explore to your heart's content; there aren't too many areas that absolutely require them, but you'll run into a few throughout the course of the game, and they can help you create shortcuts as well. Good luck exploring!