Honkai Star Rail: What do you do with Hertareum and Shield?

If you're new to Honkai: Star Rail you might be confused at the veritable deluge of currencies you'll get as you journey the galaxy on the Astral Express. These include Hertareum and Shield.

Between Stellar Jade and Oneiric Shards to Embers and Credits, the game overflows with money to trade for goods and services. Two among these are Hertareum and Shield. They're regional currencies exclusive to the Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI worlds, respectively. Read on for a quick guide to how to find and earn Hertareum and Shield in Honkai: Star Rail, and what to spend it all on.


You'll start earning small amounts of Hertareum almost as soon as you gain control of the Trailblazer because Hertareum is the world currency you'll get for exploring and completing tasks in Herta Space Station. Basically, any distinct task you can accomplish on Herta Station will net you a small amount of Hertareum, including things like fighting Formidable Foes and opening Treasure Chests. You can earn Hertareum from opening up the treasure chests scattered about the station, as well as from completing side quests (also called Adventure Missions). These quests unlock once you've unlocked the ability to hop aboard the Astral Express.

In fact, checking the item description outs Miss Herta as a crypto entrepreneur of sorts.

Honkai Star Rail Hertareum

Indeed, Hertareum is not just a World Currency, but apparently a physical container for NFTs. With that in mind, it's best to get rid of it as soon as you can. Thankfully, a helpful NPC is present in the Master Control Zone area to take the crypto off your hands. 

How to Spend Hertareum in Honkai: Star Rail

Just speak with Wen Shiqi, Herta Space Station's Internal Purchase Officer, and ask him what's for sale. He's located in the Master Control Zone, right beside the southern Space Anchor.

Note the symbol above his head, which is different from other shops'. This indicates that he takes the local World Currency in exchange for unique wares.

Hertareum can be traded for various goodies like character ascension materials, Adventure Logs, and Condensed Aether. Some one-time purchases include consumable recipes, and even a Shadow of Destruction, an item used to unlock an Eidolon for the Trailblazer's Physical version. Finally, at Trailblazer Level 20 and above, you can purchase the Musketeer's Set of 4-Star Relics.

There are also escalating rewards for spending Hertareum at Wen's store. Each reward tier drops goodies like Stellar Jade, Adventure Logs, Tracks of Destiny, and even Star Rail Passes for rolling on the gacha. Other notable prizes include Light Cones to outfit your characters with.


Shield is much the same as Hertareum, except it's exclusive to Belobog, the city found in Jarilo-IV. As with Hertareum, you'll earn Shield in Honkai: Star Rail by completing tasks, opening chests, beating powerful foes, and doing side quests.

Shield World Currency Honkai Star Rail

Shield is actually a form of local currency in Belobog, though the residents still take Credits for ordinary purchases, leading you to use it for the good stuff.

How to Spend Shield in Honkai: Star Rail

To get the good stuff, you'll need to find Lauder, in the Boulder Town area of Belobog's Underworld.

Lauder sells a different slate of character ascension materials, as well as another Shadow of Destruction, and the Champion's Set of 4-Star Relics.

Make sure to spend both your Shield and Hertareum currencies to maximize the rewards you can get from Honkai: Star Rail!

Honkai: Star Rail is available on iOS, Android, and PC.