Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubble Guide: How to unlock the Sensory Socialization achievement

Memory Bubbles are an unmarked, one-time collectible in Honkai: Star Rail. They're scattered about Herta Station: The initial "world" where you begin the game's story and tutorial sections. Once you unlock them, accessing them plays a brief text interlude.

For the most part, these interludes are just short stories with no particular connection to the Honkai: Star Rail campaign. Their main reward is narrative - they're a little bit of fresh writing and experience set in the game's world. Each unlocked Memory Bubble rewards a player with 1,000 credits, and unlocking all 20 Memory Bubbles awards players the "Sensory Socialization" achievement.

How to Unlock Memory Bubbles

Herta Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles Quest

You can unlock Memory Bubbles once you've finished the initial tutorial section and just before you depart Herta Station on the Astral Express. If you've been walking around the station, you'll likely have seen a Memory Bubble or two floating around, but been unable to unlock them due to needing to "speak with someone who knows more." 

That's your signal to go find Herta, because no one knows more than her. Speak to Herta on F1 of the Storage Zone, right past the Curio collection and in the room where you first gain control of the Trailblazer. Mention the Memory Bubbles in your dialog and she'll give you the ability to unlock them. After that, it's just a matter of finding all the Memory Bubbles in Herta Station.

Where to Find Memory Bubbles in Herta Station and unlock the Sensory Socialization achievement

Honkai Star Rail Sensory Socialization achievement

The Memory Bubbles are scattered throughout Herta Station's different zones. Keep in mind that not all of Herta Station is unlocked from the get-go, and some areas will require having certain authorization cards to unlock. Consider combing Herta Station for mini-quests or other collectibles to make sure you don't miss a needed authorization card.

Furthermore, not all the Zones are safe, and some will have enemies roaming around. We recommend bringing a party above level 15 to make short work of the enemies you can find along the way. You can also simply run past most of them if you're in a hurry.

Check out our maps below to find each Memory Bubble. For convenience, the maps are arranged by Zone. Cardinal directions refer to directions on the map screen, with North being towards the top of the map. If a screenshot doesn't show the bubble itself, the character is standing roughly where the bubble would appear if not yet unlocked.

Master Control Zone Memory Bubbles

The "bridge" area of Herta Station hosts five Memory Bubbles.

  • Memory Bubble: Betrayal - Right beside the northernmost Space Anchor, at the end of the walkway.
  • Memory Bubble: Family - In the westside pit, across from two billboards and trash cans.
  • Memory Bubble: Leisure Times - On the westside staircase, leading up to Herta's office.
  • Memory Bubble: Aeons - Possibly the first Memory Bubble you're likely to notice, right outside the door to Herta's office.
  • Memory Bubble: Splendid Planet - Near the southeastern corner of the map, near some equipment carts.

Base Zone Memory Bubbles

The Base Zone holds four Memory Bubbles.

  • Memory Bubble: Fall of Logic - Near the Northern Space Anchor, in the monitoring room.
  • Memory Bubble: The Atonement - In the center of the walkway on the upper floor.
  • Memory Bubble: Gripped Hands - In the medical center, on one of scanning machines.
  • Memory Bubble: Pure Faith - In the elevator lobby at the far south of the zone, beside the elevator doors.

Supply Zone Memory Bubbles

All five of the Memory Bubbles in the Supply Zone are on F2.

  • Memory Bubble: Feast on a Buffet - In the northwestern room, between two server racks.
  • Memory Bubble: Cute Pet - In the central atrium, just past the door overlooking the lobby.
  • Memory Bubble: Calcification - Right beside the central Space Anchor, beside some storage crates.
  • Memory Bubble: Unable to Communicate - On the bridge connecting the station and the Astral Express dock.
  • Memory Bubble: Digestion - Beside an advertising billboard on the Astral Express' side of the dock.

Storage Zone Memory Bubbles

The Storage Zone hosts four Memory Bubbles on F1 and two on F2.

Storage Zone F1

  • Memory Bubble: End of the Feast - In the northeast Curio storage room, hovering against the southern wall.
  • Memory Bubble: Beating of Wings - On the bridge to the elevator, beside the Space Anchor.
  • Memory Bubble: The Road Home, in the control room on the western side of the elevator lobby, sitting in the central holographic projector pit.
  • Memory Bubble: Total Evaporation - In the southernmost tip of the map, between two ferns and hovering in front of a window.

Storage Zone F2

  • Memory Bubble: Voyeurism - In the break room on the southeastern tip of the map, near a Space Anchor.
  • Memory Bubble: A Sneaky Love - On the far side of the elevator lobby, above a planter box and near a Formidable Foe.

Once you unlock all twenty Memory Bubbles, the Sensory Socialization achievement will be claimable. Enjoy your 5 Stellar Jades, and paragraphs worth of brief sci-fi narrative.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. PlayStation 4 and PS5 versions are in development. Check out our initial impressions of the game, and our Reroll Guide.