Honkai Star Rail You Already Know Me Guide: How to Complete Asta's Companion Quest

Once players reach Trailblazer Level 22 in Honkai: Star Rail, you'll unlock the Companion Quest for Herta Space Station's Asta - a task to discover who started a rumor about Asta misappropriating station funding, and why.

While Asta herself technically only has one Companion Quest, during the course of the investigation you will end up unlocking a new activity - Signs of Fragmentum.

Finding Pamela the "Gossipmonger"

After you are randomly added to a group chat and discover the rumor, you'll be tasked with talking to Himeko to figure out the best step forward. You'll learn of a person on the station with the nickname the "Gossipmonger", and you're tasked with seeking them out. Walk over to the section of the same map where they're commonly found; you'll turn up empty-handed, yet listen in to the researchers around you to discover that not only has the rumor already begun to spread, but you also gain a lead to further pursue the Gossipmonger.

Attempting to enter the Special Purpose Lab you learn that your main lead - Pamela - has been blocked in, and is in danger. Start the sub-mission, pick up all the backup batteries, restart the elevator, and then defeat the boss mob to save Pamela. Despite having just saved her life, she will refuse to offer her information for free - she requests a picture of Himeko. Ask for Himeko's permission, take the picture, and you'll receive your information in turn.

Unmasking Richard_Knowitall

Humorously enough, Richard_Knowitall's name is... Richard. Not so anonymous after all! Pamela will give you a brief description of the man, and an area where you should be able to find him - but it's up to us to ascertain his location, ourselves.

The man you're looking for is "a guy with black-framed glasses and side-swept bangs" - it's not incredibly difficult to find him, but in the interest of saving time we've embedded a photo of the man above. Use your camera to scan him, and confront him. After a short exchange, you can clearly conclude that the rumors he started have no basis in fact. Report the situation to Asta and shortly after you'll be treated to a humorous meltdown in the group chat as Richard realizes exactly who he had been talking down to earlier.

With that, Asta's Companion Quest is complete - and she'll now show up on the Astral Express! Happy Trailblazing!