Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to get Biggoron's Sword

While there's a lot new to worry about while on Link's latest adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of nods to games from the series’ past, and one of the most iconic inclusions is the Biggoron’s Sword, originally from Ocarina of Time.

As well as being iconic, this particular sword is also quite useful. With weapon durability remaining a factor, players will always be on the lookout for strong weapons - so gaining access to this 35 attack sword should be very useful for any players looking to bolster their arsenal. It's also a great candidate for Fusing. Thankfully, grabbing it is a relatively straightforward - if not slightly dangerous - endeavor.

Where to find the Biggoron’s Sword

To make a long story short, the Biggorn's Sword is found deep in the Depths of Hyrule. For the quickest route to get it, you’ll want to dive into the chasm comprising the right eye socket of Skull Lake in the Akkala region.

This is the quickest Chasm to start from if you want to land in the depths right on top of the Biggorn's Sword spawn point.

While you can reach the location from elsewhere in the Depths, it’s easiest to reach the challenge for the Biggoron’s Sword from the surface. While you’re here, it might also be worth grabbing a piece of the Fierce Deity Set, if you haven’t already started the side quest for that armor set, as it’s nearby.

Diving into the chasm, you’ll immediately be assaulted by waves of skeleton enemies, and even a Stalnox boss fight. If you can manage to weather their attacks - and be mindful, any hit that lands will reduce your maximum health, as you will in fact be in the depths for this fight - you’ll be able to loot the chest left behind in the arena, and gain the powerful sword.

Naturally, this weapon is not decayed - so its durability is measurably higher than weapons you’ll find on the overworld. 

The Biggorn's Sword features its iconic Ocarina of Time design, and is powerful to boot.

t still might be best to save it for a rainy day, regardless - but especially with Tears of the Kingdom’s increased reliance on strong weapons, it’s nice to have one that won’t inherently need to be augmented with Fuse and monster parts.

You can leave the enclosed cave with a few bomb arrows, or a hammer to help clear away some rocks - if you want to further explore the depths, at least. If you’ve no desire to, simply warp away to safety, and onto the rest of your travels. Good luck!