Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Gloom-Borne Illness side quest guide - making Sunny Porridge

One of the first things players will want to do whenever they first visit a town in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to check the shops for whatever you can buy. Once you pass the Sahasra Slope skyview tower and reach Kakariko Village, however, players will be quick to discover that Enchanted, the armor store, is rather… peculiar. But there's a way you can set things right - by completing the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest.

When you first head to Kakariko, you'll find that the prices in Enchanted are all out of wack. They've been hiked to eye-watering levels, in fact, where it'll set you back thousands of rupees to get one full set of armor. If you talk with the shopkeeper Claree, you'll learn that she’s had to raise the shop’s prices as her grandmother Nanna is sick. Even in the magical land of Hyrule, it appears treatment for such ailments costs money. So up went the cost of armor.

If you explore Kakariko village, you'll discover Claree's sister Lasli outside their house, sitting in front of a cooking stove. It's here that you can pick up the quest and get working on helping out their grandma.

How to complete the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest.

The key to the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest is simple - you just need the right cooking ingredients.

The way that Zelda TOTK clearly wants the player to complete the Side Quest is to talk to Claree’s sister, Lasli, where she’ll share the recipe for the Porridge that is the only thing that Nanna can currently keep down - Hylian rice, fresh milk, and wild greens. She’s been looking for a different ingredient that can help Nanna with her recovery.

The ingredient in question would be a Sundelion - and you can even get a hint of it’s gloom-resistant properties from the experiments that another NPC, Cori, has been conducting with cultivating the plant outside of its native habitat in the Sky Islands.

You’ll be able to find these plants regularly on the Sky Islands, and even occasionally on fallen pieces of the landmasses. As for the other ingredients; you can find both fresh milk and Hylian rice at Hateno Village’s general store - and occasionally, you'll be able to buy them from a travelling salesman that regularly travels up the road from Kakariko to Hyrule Field proper. We were able to catch them near the Morok Shrine, which is just north of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower.

Once you’ve gathered the required ingredients, simply cook a meal with Hylian rice, fresh milk and a Sundelion in front of Lasli; she’ll respond to your cooking, and after the porridge has been given to Nanna you’ll complete the quest. If she doesn't respond, just talk to her with the meal in your inventory - that bit seems slightly fiddly.

Once the girls' grandmother has eaten the meal, which miraculously cures her, the armor store’s prices will return to normal. As a result, you’ll be able to buy equipment such as the Stealth armor set for a much more reasonable cost. Good luck with the rest of the game!