Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to complete the Lurelin Village Restoration

Throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule, players will likely run into residents of a town that had been captured and ravaged by pirates - Lurelin Village, a coastal town along the southeastern border of Hyrule. Beyond the feeling of clearing out the village of its pests, and returning it to glory, there are a number of other benefits to going through the lengthy process of rescuing and rebuilding the town. Here’s how players can help Lurelin Village and its inhabitants return to their normal, everyday lives.

Completing the Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure

When you first set your eyes on Lurelin Village, it will have been completely overrun by monsters - and high-level ones, at that. While you can technically manage to clear out the village from the beginning of the game, it’s highly recommended that you save your attempt until you have amassed a number of powerful weapons, a set of sturdy armor, and a larger maximum health pool. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to cook a surplus of food and take a premium rest at an inn before teleporting to the nearby Sifumim Shrine before enacting your assault. 

Once you’re in the village, you’ll have something around 20 enemies to defeat, and they are very liable to swarm Link if given the chance. My suggestion? Take advantage of the palm trees all around the village; climb one, before kicking off it and activating Link’s precise mid-air aiming with his bow. Headshots will not only deal extra damage, but also knock down enemies - giving you a chance to whack them a few times while your stamina replenishes, and you can repeat the same actions.

Don’t forget to check for enemies on the boat in the harbor, and it’s also incredibly easy to miss the singular enemy that can be found down the village’s well. With enough preparation, the lone remaining inhabitant of the town will realize the commotion has finally died down, and Lurelin Village is finally free from its nightmare! Of course, the damage still remains…

Completing the Lurelin Village Restoration Project Side Adventure

Just because the village is now safe, doesn’t mean that the scars of the conflict don’t remain; as most of the village is lying in ruins. Thankfully with the help of Bolson and the right materials, you can get to work repairing the village to its previous splendor. He’ll task Link with gathering 20 pieces of Hylian Rice and 15 logs; the Hylian Rice you can purchase across the realm in general stores, though you can also get a reward of 10 bushels for helping with the first lesson at Hateno Village’s schoolhouse. Logs must be chopped and brought down to the village manually - and simply using the palm trees around the village is prohibited.

Thankfully, there are plenty of trees to be found at the top of the cliffsides overlooking the village - and after you’ve knocked them down, you can simply push them off the cliff to save yourself time transporting the wood. Be aware that there are some Treant enemies blending in with the trees at spots, but they’ll drop logs all the same, and they’re nowhere close to as dangerous as the wave of pirates you had to clear out from the village in the first place.

Once you’ve brought Bolson all of the materials he’s requested, he’ll begin walking you through the process of repairing each of the 5 buildings that lay in ruins; 3 businesses, and 2 personal houses. With the exception of the Spa/Inn, however, every restoration boils down to chopping down a straight palm tree log and replacing the central pillar for a house, while Bolson handles the rest. For the Spa/Inn, you’ll need to fish out any of the debris from the ruins before he can flush the premises of the water that has flooded it.

Once you’ve managed to restore every building in the village (with Bolson’s help, of course), the villagers will all band together and thank Link for rescuing them, and their village, in its time of need - and that since there very well wouldn’t even be a village anymore if it wasn’t for you, feel free to treat yourself to anything you need.

Rewards for Restoring Lurelin Village

Simply put, restoring Lurelin Village should be an utmost priority for anyone that can manage the onslaught of enemies. For one, Lurelin Village’s Inn is free to use, forever. You can trade Rock Salt for a special rest that will temporarily boost your maximum stats - but the standard, no-frills Inn will never charge you a single Rupee. The Village restaurant, once a day, will give you a free prepared meal item. Finally, the treasure minigame where you can receive monster parts as prizes will let you play for free - also with the stipulation you can only do it once a day. By “once a day”, we don’t mean the in-game counter - we mean going by the actual Nintendo Switch’s system clock. 

In other words; if you ever find yourself running low on materials, Lurelin Village offers you a daily excuse to refuel and refresh. That, and doesn’t it just feel great to have a measurably good impact on the state of Hyrule? Good luck, and be careful not to walk the plank!