Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - How to Complete Makasura Shrine: An Upright Device

Much like with the previous game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is absolutely packed with shrines - miniature puzzle dungeons centered around a core gimmick that players are tasked with learning and executing on. One of the more confusing early-game shrines would be the Makasura Shrine - An Upright Device. It's an ingenious little puzzle box, and for anyone having trouble - here's exactly what the game is attempting to teach you.

How to complete the Makasura Shrine - An Upright Device

Simply put - Makasura Shrine's gimmick is the Stabilizer, a Zonai Device that will shoot upright when activated, no matter what is attached to it. The shrine's puzzles will require you to consider the ramifications of how this device might allow you to traverse your environment. First things first, you'll notice a grate along the floor, alongside two Zonai Stabilizers - one that is activated, showing what it can do, and one that is not currently activated. You'll want to use Ultrahand to attack the Stabilizer to the Grate, like so.

Now, there are two ways to get across the gap now that your contraption has been constructed. You can activate the stabilizer, and then use Ascend to get on top of the grate, letting you glide across the gap - but the more fun solution is to activate the stabilizer while you're on top of the grate, letting it fling you across the gap. Hitting anything attached to a Zonai Device will activate device, so you don't need to aim for the stabilizer itself - you can do a jumping attack, too. Either works, and both act as a hint as to what you can do with the device in the rest of the shrine.

In the next section of the shrine, you will specifically want to use the Ascend method to access the ball on the other side of a gate; you'll need to bring the ball back to this central section, and to do so you'll notice that there's a conspicuously shaped cup that seems perfect to slingshot the ball; craft your contraption, position it like so, and drop the ball in the cup. Activate the Zonai Stabilizer and watch it fly! Rinse and repeat, but this time pretend you are the ball.

Finally, you'll have all you need to cross the large gap to the Shrine's inner chamber; with the ball in its slot, the other gate that was inaccessible will open up, allowing you access to another slingshot. Simply connect them as so, position yourself at the tip of the contraption, and activate the machine. You'll be flung clean across the gap, and right to your final reward. If you really want to, you can attempt to grab all of the grates to create a giant tower to clear the gap with your glider - it's a lot of work, but fellow writer Cullen Black managed to accomplish such a feat on his own - but this seems to be the intended route to crossing the gap.

Congratulations; you've learned all you need to know about Zonai Stabilizers, and how they can be invaluable for moving across the game world. Time to launch yourself onto the next step of your journey in Hyrule!