Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - How to complete Mayachin Shrine: A Fixed Device

With the Ultrahand ability in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it feels like the game's developers have taken full liberty to get wacky with some of the game's new Shrine challenges - and never has that been more apparent than with the early-game Mayachin Shrine: A Fixed Device. The solution it asks you to come up with is actually fairly simple, and there's only one mandatory puzzle to solve to get to the Shrine's inner chamber; how do you feel about your swing?

How to complete Mayachin Shrine - A Fixed Device

Immediately upon entering the Shrine you'll notice a spinning platform ahead of you; what might not be immediately noticeable is that it's actually a Zonai Stake glued to a square platform. Hop on and ride it to the Shrine's main event, where you'll see a button and a switch - activating the button will reveal the objective of the Shrine; you'll want to get the ball that keeps rolling down the ramp to hit the target on the left. Doing so will unlock the gate, and let you access the inner sanctum.

Simple, right? Well, if you wack the switch to the right of the button, you'll see that it moves the mechanism near the Zonai Stake that is sticking out of the ground. Think back to how the Stake attached to the platform was rotating along its path, and you should get an idea for what the game wants you to do. You need to make a "bat" to knock the ball into the target. To save yourself time, double back to the rotating platform behind you, and use Ultrahand to remove the Zonai Stake from its perch; you can use this premade paddle to give yourself an easier time aiming the ball. Position it like so, and then it will merely be a matter of timing to hit the ball at the right angle to careen it towards the target.

It might take a couple of swings, but give it enough goes and you'll get the timing down soon enough - this Shrine is conceptually simple, but execution is absolutely trickier than some of the other challenges in the game. If you want to give it a go to hit the target on the right side of the room, you'll want to attach the paddle to the left side of the mechanism while unactivated and move the stake blocking the way for the ball's path. Best of luck with scoring a home run - and a Blessing of Light!