Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to unlock the Autobuild Ability

Crafting your own mechanisms in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is certainly a good time, but it’s understandable that many players might reach the point where they would much rather just set and forget their creations rather than take the time to make a boat, a car or a plane manually. Thankfully, Tears of the Kingdom’s final Right-Hand Ability lets you do just that - by automatically building collectible preset creations, or recently crafted manual creations. So, how exactly do you find it?

Where to find the Autobuild Right-Hand Ability

Normally, the game would clue you into where to find Autobuild after clearing the first portion of Josha’s investigations of Hyrule’s depths, with an update on her progress following the completion of one of the game’s dungeons. She would then remark that the statue that players had to snap a picture of seemed to be one chain of a line of statues pointing to ruins within the depths. Following that chain leads to the ability, as well as the start of the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan Side Adventure.

However, grabbing the Autobuild ability is not, in fact, story-locked - and if you chance upon it before Josha pushes you in the right direction, you’ll even receive some humorous dialog from her when she eventually tasks you with investigating it. So, what is the quickest path to the ability?

Put simply; the Great Plateau's North Chasm drops players off almost directly in front of the Great Abandoned Central Mine where Autobuild can be found. Even better, it doesn’t require much extra work to make it over to the chasm early on if players opt to activate the Hyrule Fields Skyview Tower - just be careful when retrieving the Tower from the enemies that guard it.

Once you’ve found your way into the depths simply travel south and you’ll eventually come across the mines in question; as well as a pair of Yiga Clan members trying - and failing - to maintain their cover as members of Josha’s expedition team. Before you interact with the terminal, be prepared for a fight - once you’ve obtained Autobuild you’ll be face-to-face with Master Kohga for the first time. He’s not too difficult in this first encounter; simply knock him off his vehicle with any weapon and then whack him while he’s down. 

Once he’s down for the count you’ll be able to talk to the Constructs around the mine to both learn more about your new ability and gain the first of your Schema Stones; collectibles that can help bolster your repertoire of Autobuild creations. You’ll be able to find more Schema Stones by continuing your exploration of the Depths and assisting with Josha’s research; for now, good luck grabbing the ability!