Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to find the Fierce Deity Set

In previous Zelda games, the Fierce Deity Mask was a reward for completing a long sidequest chain - rewarding you with the ability to make the game’s challenges significantly easier. Similarly, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, while not quite as overpowered as its original incarnation, players can once again channel the strength of a god by completing the Side Quest Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity - granting 3 armor pieces and a sword for players to wield.

Finding and Completing Misko’s Cave of Chests

Before you unlock the Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity side quest, players will generally want to complete another side quest first - Misko’s Cave of Chests is started by talking to a group of treasure hunters right outside of Cephia Lake Cave, next door to the Foothill Stable, right at the Maw of Death Mountain. The duo is lamenting that they have kept checking the cave full of chests in search of one of Misko’s treasures, but try as they might every single chest they open only contains a single Rupee. 

Naturally, you can emulate their actions and eventually reach the right chest - but that would be a tedious process, and the intended solution is hidden within one of the treasure hunter’s dialog; if they had the nose of a dog, they could simply sniff the right chest out. Fortunately for you, there is a dog right at their campsite. If you feed the dog enough food - try shooting a few birds with arrows and dropping the meat in front of him - he’ll eventually strut right over to the cave, before laying down in front of the correct chest you’ll want to open. We don’t know if the chest you’ll want to open is randomized, so we suggest feeding the dog regardless.

Inside the chest you’ll find a set of Ember Trousers, and the two treasure hunters from earlier will stumble in behind you. While grumbling about how you beat them to the punch, they simply rummage through the rest of the chest to see if any more treasures were to be had; they find a bottle, but leave it be and decide to cut their losses and leave you to your business.

Starting and completing Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity

If the treasure hunters had bothered to check inside the bottle, they might have changed their tune; as Misko themselves had another challenge waiting for those who managed to outsmart the trick of the cave. 

To you who have found my treasure, these ember trousers are but one piece of my grand collection. I have hidden an assortment of equipment across Hyrule. Notable pieces obtained in strange lands near and far. You’ve done well to find this one, and I will reward you with a hint to another–the Fierce Deity Sword.

Don the form of the Fierce Deity, and return to this place. There are three keys you will need.

One beneath the bedchamber of Akkala’s red-crowned citadel, one in the skull’s left eye, one in an old stump in Hyrule Field.

Good luck. -The Great Bandit Misko

Misko’s hints point towards three caves containing the head, chest, and pants of the Fierce Diety Set. Each piece has base 3 defense, and with each additional piece worn, you’ll increase your attack power. Once you have gathered all 3 pieces of the set, return to Cephia Lake Cave while wearing them to unlock the door to your prize - the Fierce Deity Sword.

The first piece players should aim for - the Fierce Deity Boots - can be found in the Ancient Tree Stump Cave, southwest of Lookout Landing in Hyrule Fields. You can enter the cave through - you guessed it - hopping down the hollow tree stump in question.

Fierce Deity Armor (Chest) Location

The Fierce Deity Armor can be found in Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave - ascend to the top of the citadel and search around the ruins for the entrance to a hidden room you must crouch to enter. Descend down below into the cave, and you’ll find the shrine containing the chest right in front of you.

The final piece of the armor can be found in the Skull Lake Cave in Deep Akkala. To enter it you’ll want to drop down into the cave from the top of the pillar making up the “left eye socket” of the skull shape comprising the lake. This is the most dangerous of the armor pieces to attempt to grab, as you’ll find a Stalnox waiting for you down below. Take care when fighting it, and then grab the Fierce Diety Mask as your reward.

Once you’ve gathered all of the pieces of the armor, make sure to equip them and return to Cephia Lake Cave. The door leading to the final chest will open; congratulations, and have fun with your new Fierce Diety Sword! With 38 Attack it’s sure to be helpful during the game’s most challenging battles. Good luck with the rest of your journey!