Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to find & tame the Giant Horse

One of the most important companions for Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a mighty steed; and there are rumors about the mightiest steed of them all having made its home near the Highland Stable in South Hyrule. Indeed, if you take the path to the south of the Stable, heading through the coastal mountains, you'll find that these rumors bear some weight.

How to tame the Giant White Stallion

Found directly across Horse God Bridge, found south of Lake of the Horse God, Link will discover a pair of Horse Researchers discussing the white stallion and the horse god; the latter we've already discussed in another guide, but the stallion in question can be found just ahead - and to say he's an imposing beast would be to undersell its grandeur. However, you can and should tame him - it just might require some preparation, is all.

Owing to the fact that the stallion is stationed in a dead-end, getting close enough to attempt to ride him isn't that difficult a task; what does require some extra preparation, however, is the hefty stamina requirement in order to tame him. You'll want to spam the L button to attempt to soothe him once you've latched on, but this will take about 3 stamina wheels to properly calm him down. While you can certainly wait to attempt this until you've gotten enough stamina naturally, here's a few tips that might help.

  • Taking any special rest at an inn will gift you a temporary extra stamina wheel, making it much easier to soothe the horse earlier into your adventure
  • You can pause while in the middle of soothing a horse to eat food; making stamina potions, or stamina-regenerating meals can give you that extra edge you need to tame the beast

Once you've managed to tame the horse, now all you'll need to do is drag it back to the Highland Stable to board it; feel free to talk with the researchers nearby while riding it for some extra dialogue.

Why tame the Giant White Stallion?

While the Giant White Stallion is one of the best horses in the game, it comes with its own lists of caveats.

For one, it's too big to customize; its mane, and its equipment, can't be exchanged. This means that you can't use it to haul people or items across the environment, and what you see really is what you get when it comes to its looks.

Furthermore, you cannot upgrade any of its stats at Horse God Malanya . This doesn't matter that much, as not only is its strength maxed out, it has effectively infinite stamina; although its main speed stat is fairly low, by virtue of you not having to constantly re-up it's gallop, for most cases - without costly upgrades - it should get you from point A to point B considerably faster.

Beyond anything else; isn't it just cool to have Link sitting atop such a comically large horse? Well worth it for that alone. Congrats on your new steed!