Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to find and wake the Kakariko Innkeeper

Returning from Breath of the Wild, Kakariko Village in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has seen a massive overhaul - especially owing to the Zonai Ring Ruins that have crashed down on top of the village. It goes without saying that players have plenty to investigate here; yet if you were hoping to take periodic rests at the Village Inn, you’ll be in for a rude awakening! The Innkeeper wandered off somewhere, leaving the Inn in the care of a random passerby. Before you can grab a few winks you’ll have to find the Innkeeper and drag him back home.

Where to find the Kakariko Village Innkeeper

The only clue you’ll have to go off at the start of the quest is that he’s likely at one of the basecamps for the 4 main Ring Ruins; and while you can, and likely should, investigate each of them for unrelated quests, if you’re looking to find the Innkeeper the one to search would be the mostly intact Ring Ruin that is perched at the highest point of the village. At the base camp you’ll find someone asleep on one of the Stone Slabs that the Zonai researchers have been translating, grumbling in his sleep about Hearty Truffles. Talk with the researcher nearby and he’ll confirm that the sleepyhead in question is indeed the Innkeeper, but we have a problem; no matter what he does, he can’t get him to wake up. He proposes a solution, though it will take some extra work.

How to wake the Kakariko Village Innkeeper

Where to find Hearty Truffles

The Innkeeper’s mumblings about Hearty Truffles caught the researcher’s attention, and he’s quick to note that while the Truffles are rare, he actually chanced upon one recently floating down the river, downstream from a waterfall. While he’s unwilling to share his Truffle - or has already devoured it - he suggests you search for Truffles near where he found one.

While you won’t find any of the Truffles at the bottom of the waterfall, if you search the top of it you’ll discover two things; that it’s coming directly out of the cliffside, and that the hole is just large enough for a crouching Link to squeeze through into a small cave. Progress through the cave, and in the last section you’ll find yourself a number of Hearty Truffles; that number being two. Score! You’ll be able to take one of the Truffles back to the Innkeeper while holding onto one for yourself.

Simply drop a Truffle right in front of the Innkeeper to wake him, completing the quest - and reopening the Inn for your personal use. Now you'll be able to get a good night's sleep - and hopefully the Innkeeper will have better luck than sleeping on a stone slab, too.