Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Completing the Mattison's Independence Side Adventure and unlocking Link's Dream House

While Link’s house from the previous game is still present in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (complete with the implication that he was living with Zelda), there’s yet another house that players can unlock - and even customize using your Ultrahand ability! It all comes back to Tarrey Town - the cross-cultural hub that Link helped found back in Breath of the Wild, and now Hudson and Rhondson have the chance to return the favor. There’s just one last task on their minds before they’ll be ready to help you build your house - seeing their daughter off to Gerudo Town.

Completing the Mattison’s Independence Side Adventure

A lot has changed since Breath of the Wild - and perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than with Hudson and Rhondson’s daughter, Mattison. Since getting married at the end of the Tarrey Town sidequest in Breath of the Wild, alongside aiding in Hyrule’s reconstruction the two have raised their daughter - and it’s time, as is the Gerudo custom, for her to journey to Gerudo Town to learn more of the history and customs of her people. This Side Adventure isn’t particularly challenging, but it does offer a very sweet epilogue to the Tarrey Town of Breath of the Wild.

First things first; with Hudson and Rhondson being so busy, they express the hopes that someone can play with Mattison - to help keep her spirits up as she awaits her escort to Gerudo Town. First things first; she’s been teaching other residents of Tarrey Town the Gerudo language, and she would love if Link could join in on the session. She asks Monari, the elderly Hylian woman if she knows the Gerudo word for “Grandma”, and the answer you should pick is “Vaba”.

Getting past Hagie

Afterwards, Mattison will want to take off down to the Hudson Construction Site, but Hagie has taken to charging a fee to use the lift whenever Hudson isn’t around to reprimand him otherwise; so you’ll need to block his site so she can pass unhindered. It feels like what the game wants you to do is to grab one of the Hudson standees you can find in his storeroom, which requires you to unblock the door by ascending into it from below - but conveniently there’s a set of wooden planks leaning against a nearby house that will do the trick just as well. Simply arrange it in front of Hagie so he can’t see anyone gunning for the lift, and speak to Mattison to give the ok.

Finally, down at the Construction Site you can find Hudson trying to put the finishing touches on a Hot Air balloon he wants to give to Mattison as a farewell gift; but he doesn’t feel right giving her just any balloon, and he wants to die it yellow. The only problem is the flowers he’d need for the dye - Sundelions - are rather rare. If you’ve been exploring the Sky Islands frequently you’ll probably have plenty on hand, but if not - well, you can find them either on the Sky Islands or occasionally on pieces of the Islands that have long since fallen from the sky and embedded themselves on the surface.

Handing over the Sundelions, you’ll be greeted to a scene with the whole family (and Link) greeting the sunrise in Mattison’s new Balloon. She says her goodbyes, and with a bittersweet feeling Husband and Wife resolve themselves to continue their work - as much for Mattison’s sake, as well as Hyrule’s. With that, Link can now have the option of purchasing his Dream House. As an aside, after you've completed the Gerudo Desert dungeon, you'll be able to find Mattison and her balloon safe and secure in Gerudo Town!

Unlocking and Customizing the Dream House

While you’ll need to pay 1500 Rupees to buy the basics for your Dream House; if you’re coming off of the Mattison’s Independence Side Adventure directly, realistically you’ll only need to have scrounged together 1300 Rupees, as Hudson and Rhondson both will have gifted you 100 each for helping them send Mattison off to Gerudo town with no regrets.

Your house itself won’t be in Tarrey Town proper, but rather on the southernmost cliff overlooking it - right below Rasitakiwak Shrine. As for how it works - you’ll get the bare basics for your house with the base purchase, a foyer and a bedroom, but that will only consist of 2 of the maximum of 15 modules you can place together to make your home. Worse still, anything extra will cost you hundreds of Rupees per room. You can make a lavish home with some of your favorite weapons and shields on display, as well as renditions of your favorite photos, a stable for your favorite horse, and even a Goddess Statue to pray at - but the total cost for maxing out a home will approach something like 10k Rupees.

Of course, you can sell back any modules you decide you don’t want anymore, buy duplicates, and even arrange your house’s layout almost any way you’d like - so the fact that this will likely be a game-long endeavor to slowly build up Link’s property doesn’t feel all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Just maybe restrain yourself from going overboard while you’re still getting your bearings in Tears of the Kingdom’s world. Though, I suppose you’ll always have a warm bed to relax in! Good luck becoming a Hylian homeowner, again!