Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to solve the White Goats Gone Missing Side Adventure

There are plenty of Side Adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that relate to Stables; and the situation that you and your reporter friend Penn are investigating at Tabantha Bridge Stable is no different. After the stablehand Chork tried to feed the goats a recipe gifted to him by Princess Zelda, they bolted right off into the plains - and somehow the recipe Chork had tried using has gone missing, too. Hopefully, the goats are ok; it's up to Link to find them!

How to find the Goats in White Goats Gone Missing

So, the good news is that finding out where the goats have gone is relatively simple. Chork mentioned that he had fed pinecones to the goats whole, and they'd spat them right up - and this is a crucial clue for how to find where the goats have gone. If you use Ultrahand you'll quickly see that there's a trail of pinecones leading out into the plains, and indeed that same trail will lead us to where the goats have wandered. Simply follow the pinecones and you'll eventually find the goats at the coordinates -2563 0418 0150. 

Funnily enough, along with the goats you'll find the bottle that Chork had kept the recipe in; and upon inspecting it, he'll realize the reason that they had run off in the first place - he thought that he had to feed the goats the pinecones whole, but it was rather the opposite and they needed to be finely ground down. Oops! Well, not every news story is a major headline. After Penn hears the full story he'll fly off to write his news, and off to the next Stable in search of (hopefully) a much more major scoop. Congrats on finding the goats!