Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Kiuyoyou Shrine Walkthrough - Fire and Ice

While many of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's new Shrine puzzles feel like they could only be done with the game's new tools, Kiuyoyou Shrine - Fire and Ice feels like something that likely could have worked in Breath of the Wild; not that it stops the puzzle from feeling exhilarating to solve! For those of you still having issues figuring out what the game wants you to do - and how to solve the Shrine's puzzles.

How to complete Kiuyoyou Shrine - Fire and Ice

It might be easy to overthink the Shrine's challenge at first, but both of Kiuyoyou Shrine's challenges revolve around using an ice cube to weigh down a switch. When you enter the shrine, the larger switch that allows the player to enter the inner sanctum will be covered with flamethrowers, making any attempts to weigh down the switch with the ice cube available to you a fool's errand. Meanwhile, the switch to the other room of the Shrine is tucked away in an alcove where the ice cube won't fit. To access the next room, you must simply use Ultrahand to very quickly dip the ice cube under the flames to shrink it - don't let it stay there, but even just a quick dip under the flames should shrink it enough to fit in the alcove for the switch. Once you've unlocked the door, it's onto the next puzzle.

Solving the second puzzle

In this room, there's a set of flamethrowers that will melt an ice cube that will keep falling from the ceiling. Nearby there is a square of metal that you can use to block the flames to grab the ice. You can also catch the ice in mid-air with rewind and then use Ultrahand to carry it to safety - either work. Now, the intended solution from here on appears to be to use Ultrahand to fuse the metal plate to the top of the ice - like a hat. Then you'll simply want to set the block on the slope heading back down to the original room of the Shrine - hitching a ride on the ice as it slides down.  Once you're back down there you can simply ignore physics and set the ice block - metal plate facing towards the flames - over the switch. The door will open to the inner sanctum and you'll be able to receive your Blessing of Light!