Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Solving a hunger crisis with Gourmets Gone Missing

One of the recurring themes of the Stable Side Adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is that many of them are stealth tutorials for how to play the game - and the Side Adventure Gourmets Gone Missing is no different. In it, players are taught how to cook according to a recipe when you're tasked with feeding a meat and rice bowl to a party of impoverished gourmets stuck in their tents in the woods.

How to start Gourmets Gone Missing

Speak to your reporter friend Penn at the Riverside Stable in Central Hyrule, and he'll tell you about the rumors wafting about regarding Princess Zelda around the Riverside Stable - namely that there was a group of Gourmets that were supposed to have arrived at the stable, with a recipe taught to them by Princess Zelda in tow. For one reason or another however they're nowhere to be seen - time to talk to the stablehand Gotter for more information. 

Talking with Gotter he'll describe how the group of Gourmets would always cross by the Owlan Bridge on the way to the stable; yet, they haven't been seen passing the bridge yet. Could they be stuck around somewhere? He tells you to keep an eye out for their tents; he's worried for their safety at this point. You should cross the bridge in question and look around for the tents. Maybe something happened to them?

How to solve Gourmets Gone Missing

It shouldn't take too long to find the Gourmets at the above location - you'll find all of the Gourmets writhing about in pain. Listening to their groans you can figure out exactly what happened; someone had the bright idea of experimenting with their recipe by substituting raw meat for monster meat. Clearly, it didn't go well. Inspect the journal on the table in the camp to figure out what their recipe actually called for - raw meat, rock salt, and Hylian Rice. Ensure you have the same ingredients available for you and cook them up in the nearby pot.

Rescuing the Gourmets

This will cook up a meat and rice bowl! Do so and then speak with Agus - with a Meat and Rice Bowl cooked with exactly the ingredients listed in the journal you'll be given the option to donate your meal to the Gourmet's cause; after getting a proper meal in their stomachs everyone will jolt back to life - and after thanking you, head right over to the Riverside Stable.

Penn will fly over, and after you report on the results of your investigation he'll hand over your pay for a job well done. Onto the next Stable!